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Introducing Myself

Hi All,

My name is Kim. I joined this community at Gloria's suggestion. I'm delighted to be among such warm and like-minded people!!!

Let's see... a little about me. I am 23, and will graduate college this December with two BA degrees, one in Music and the other in Psychology. As a bit of a paradox, I suppose, to the Psychology degree, I am also a highly spiritual person, and have many spiritual gifts with which I have been blessed. In the next few months, again, as somewhat of a paradox which shows my duelistic nature, I plan to pursue certification as a spiritual healing practitioner, and receive my Life Coaching certification training as well. I also hope to pursue spiritual counseling, meditation certification, and to record several CD's which are all in various stages of completion. Yes, as you can gather, I'm a high-achiever, and like nothing better than having a thousand irons in the fire!

I discovered Heavenletters thanks to the wonderful yahoogroup, Spiritually_Speaking, and through the Light Circle Ezine, also on yahoogroups. They never fail to touch my heart, uplift my spirit and brighten my day!!! Prayer and communion with Creator are a vast part of my life, as well as communication with my angels and guides, and Heavenletters are a precious spiritual tool which I truly love more than I can express here. They make my heart sing, and fill me with endless gratitude for all that I have. I try to take nothing for granted, and I am eternally grateful to have Heavenletters as part of my life! Thank you, Gloria, and all involved in bringing them to us. And of course, thank you, God!!! I raise my voice in delighted song to YOU!!!

I am honored to be part of the Heavenletters community!!! If anyone would like to reach me, feel free to drop me an email!!! I look forward to meeting you all.

Love, Light and Blessings,

Hi Kim

It's Sunday morning and as there's no one else on the Forum, I will welcome you. :wink:
When I read about these wonderful lives so many young people are living now and when I read their wise and profound words, I feel a little envy and sadness in my heart because I feel that I woke up so late (at the age of 42) and 'lost' so much time. But then I realize that I have lived what was God's plan for my life and I have served Him well, evenif I didn't know it. We are all waking up now, contemporaneously, no matter what our age because we are all to rise up together in consciousness. And this is beautiful.
Thankyou, Kim (and Brissa), for allowing me to see another aspect of my self and the global consciousness. YOu are wonderful!

Introducing Myself

Good morning, Paula.

Thank you for the welcome! Thrilled to be here.

Yes, I, too, was delighted and touched deeply by Brissa's "are we on a mission" topic. I wish I had had that kind of maturity at 17!

Well, each of us awakens in our own time, and in God's time. You can, and do I'm sure, make an incredible empact on the world around you. All of us are divine, and will do God's work for humanity in our own way and time.

Thank you again for the welcome. Have a blessed Sunday!

Warmest Wishes,

kim and paula

I'm john.

It's very intersting what you two say.
I'm 50 years old.
I'm married.
I'm an artist.

I have been on a spiritual path for 35 years.
It has been so difficult,
because all that time,
it was like my only, ONLY, companion was God.
I'm so glad to have found heavenletters.

You cannot believe
how happy I am.


Introducing Myself

and to record several CD's which are all in various stages of completion.

If you need some help from a experienced sound engineer, come back to me.

And welcome!

Much Love and Light


Introducing Myself

Hi John and Adrachin!

Thank you for your kind posts.

Adrachin, when I finally make it to the studio and need a sound engineer, I'll definitely keep you in mind. Thanks. :)

Love to All,