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Namaste from India

Hi Gloria,Adrachin and all others,

I just found this Forum today and immediately
registered.Did I miss out on
any Fun???

India. :lol:

Namaste from India

hi namaste from Germany -
nice to meet you here

Hi Veronika

Namaste VeroniKA,

How wonderful to be greeted all the way
from Germany.

What work do you do?

I am 27 Yrs young and assist my Pop
in his Handicrafts and Carpets business
here in India.

Hey,I hope your marriage preparations
are going on well?Is the marriage in

Dont forget to post your marriage pics
later on.

I pray that you and Adrachin put
Romeo and Juliet to shame(He He) with
your Sparkling and Ever-Joyful Romance.

Love,Joy,Prosperity to you,

Namaste from India

namaste Shahid

thank you that's so nice to hear that you are the same age as my twin-daughters
one of them - Barbara - lived in your country for nearly four years and ran there a studio with two tailors and a "bavarian"restaurant at the Goa beach.

what handicrafts are you doing?
I am really interested. and this board is a "cool thing" as my children would say - because we can meet and talk together even if there are long distances between.

For Veronika

Hi again Veronika,

Ahh,Your Daughter was in Goa,eh...Beautiful
Place and Beaches,I have been there once with
my friends for a vacation.

I live in City,Cochin which is in State,

You can visit my Pop's site at
since you wrote you are really interested
in Handicrafts.We also deal in Kashmiri Pure

Joy and Light,
Shahid. :D