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Is God

He is the one that cleans your tears when you cry hidden.
He is the only one that holds you when you are walking near a cliff.
He is the only one that gives you the ideas to write your book of life.
He is the only one that will NEVER tell your secrets.
He is the only one that will feel the pain when you give birth, when you lose somebody so dear, when you say goodbye to somebody that you know that you won't see again.
He is the only one that will love you forever, and ever.

His love is bigger than the universe, and you are so small beside him and his love, just like a small crab in your hands.

Is God



Do you know the power and beauty of what you have written?

How did you get to be so wise and loving?

You are 17-years old. Oh, my, what are you going to be when you are 25! A doctor, I know! But what will your state of consciousness be!

By the way, did you get the results of your exam yet? I will bet a million dollars that you passed with flying colors.

Well, Brissa, you are one of my models in life.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria