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I dreamed that God called me to "light lights in Heaven". I wondered how to do that. How can I get an opportunity to tell people they are perfect? Then it finally came to me that HeavenLetters is the perfect place. "The Real you, you who are reading this, you are kind and caring and deserve a happy healthy life. That is the real you, not a grouch, not an antagonist. You are a brilliant light and member of the family of the kind and merciful God. HeavenLetters lights lights too; God bless HeavenLetters.


Dear One,

I keep waiting for someone to reply to this most generous valuable posting of yours. It goes right to the soul.

Are you not talking about gratitude and appreciation? It is bursting out all over, isn't it!

I love "God bless God." Gratitude gets so enormous, what's left but to praise God -- and to thank you and everyone for their open-hearted postings.

Thank you for moderating, dear Margaret. (We're really growing together, aren't we?)

With love and blessings,