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A message of Dr. Emoto

****The Urgent Message from Dr. Emoto*****

Please feel free to pass this email to your friends and love ones.

Let us unite our hearts in response to the recent serial natural disasters.

30 years ago, some of you may remember that miraculous rescue of the three astronauts of Apollo 13. Why were these astronauts able to survive when many said safe return home was impossible? I was 30 at the time and did not understand why then. However, now that I have gained the wisdom of water, vibration, and resonance, I understand.

Not until that time has the people all over the world prayed for the safety of these astronauts in unison. Through my 20 years of research with water, I learned the existence of immense power within people’s prayers, thoughts, and words. With the help of Einstein’s E=MC2, I can now explain the Apollo 13’s miraculous rescue.

In 1999 July 25th, 4:30am, 350 people gathered at the shore of the largest lake in Japan, Lake Biwa, to conduct an experiment of the power of words. That experiment was lead by Dr. Nobuo Shioya, a man that will be turning 103 years old this year. There, we repeated the following words:

The Grand Declaration

The infinite power of the Universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony.

A month later, a local newspaper reported on a drastic change at the lake. Here is the article:

Newspaper article of the Kyoto Newspaper on Aug 27, 1999, a month after the prayer offering

• This year, a foreign species of an aquatic alga “Kokanadamo” has not shown up on the surface of Lake Biwa, which had been growing extraordinarily every year so much as nearly covering the surface of the lake. There is also very few calls with the complaint of the bad odor from the local residents to Shiga prefecture. The amount of alga that has been harvested by the prefecture is very little as well.

• The official in charge of the lake says, “It is good that there is no abnormal growth of the alga. However, I wonder if this is a good thing because we don’t know the reason at all”, tilting his head.

Originally M= mass and C= speed of light in the formula, E= MC2. However, I believe that these actually meant M= number of people and C= consciousness. Now, using this formula, the phenomenon at the lake can be explained as follows:

Here, M= the 350 people that gathered around from all over Japan and C= each person’s energy of pure prayer. Since Dr. Shioya who was respected highly by all there took the lead, everyone was able to give off that powerful pureness of the prayer. Their pure words of prayer reached far into the outer space and resonated with the frequency of about 300,000 Hz and echoed back to the lake again. This ultrasonic wave in the lake helped to purify the water in the lake. The explanation of why the ultrasonic wave can purify the water can be understood in the following newspaper article:

 Newspaper article of the Sankei Newspaper on Apr 16, 2000

• Prof. Yasuaki Maeda (environmental chemist) at the Faculty of Technology, the Osaka Municipal University, developed a method to decompose toxic materials of organic chlorine compounds such as dioxin and PCB dissolved in water by use of ultrasonic sounds.

• When ultrasonic sound of 200 kHz is applied into water to make very minute bubbles in the water, the bubbles absorb the chemicals and also decompose them together when they burst out.

So, at the Apollo 13 incident, it was the very first time that people all over the world came together and prayed for the safety of the astronauts. Therefore, the immense energy created by the large number of people along with their pure prayer for the astronauts reached the water molecules of the outer space and took on the role as their guiding pilots. Now, understanding these water molecules as “pilots” is appropriate here since the word pilot originally meant “guides of the water”.

When we can understand the great power of words along with the power of collective consciousness, we may be able to find a way to prevent the expansion of destruction made by natural disasters.

I think that all natural disasters occur when there are imbalances in the energy. And energy is vibration and the origin of this vibration is what I call Hado. I think that people’s consciousness has a direct connection with this Hado. Therefore, the recent natural disasters may be the result of the imbalance of the people’s consciousness.

I believe that when those people that wish for peace and harmony come together in unison and speak together, the earth will be able to regain its balance again.

Now, especially for the destruction of the earthquake in Pakistan and the hurricane Wilma, let all of us that wish for the peace of the world come together and create the power of words. Let’s repeat the following words every night for a week before we fall asleep.

For adults:

The infinite power of the Universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony.

As for children, since water is the only substance that can carry the vibration that may help in regaining the balance of energy of the earth, I would like them to say the following with their pure hearts and mind:

We love you water,

We thank you water,

We respect you water.

With love and thanks,

Masaru Emoto

Oct. 24, 2005
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