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I dreamed my mind traveled beyond words. I looked at Heaven and BECAME enamored with all of God’s family, and I said to God, "I would die for you if it would create eternal happy life for all beings."

And then I sought truth, so I asked God, "if I give up my life will it save all others?"

And God said, “If you give up your ego it would.”


And God said:

Don't throw your ego away -
let it sit within your heart
it needs your unconditional love


Dear Margaret,

This is incredible writing. Wow.

Let us see more, please!

Oops, I just saw it wasn't yours.

But, hey, let us see YOUR creative writing, dear one. I know you do it.

With love and blessings,



Okay you Two, who has more unconditional love than God? Yes, Veronika, please be kind to the little ego. Gloria, I feel so very creative when I blog here, I want to be someone else. I think I'll be Charles Laughton; fat little feller.


Margaret -

this is it-

the board here is inspiring

I love your postings


Once upon a time

some being came to earth. It watched the humans closely and said to himself, oh, easy, I will teach them!

First of all they need to understand, that they know nothing. And that they are indeed stupid little worms. And that the biggest enemy of all is their intelligence. I will name it ego. So they understand, what I am talking about. It will confuse them a lot but no learning without pain! That's the rule. Yea, intelligent stupid humans. Which know nothing. This will bring them in motion cause of the confusion it will create. But anyhow, the right way to go!

And so he started his journey and teached the humans. How little they are. And how stupid. And how intelligent. But that their intelligence is something which is an enemy. And his name is ego. And that they need to fight against it. Cause this is the only way to find wisdom.

Wisdom? What is that? Asked his followers. And he said, something you will never ever find! Cause you are stupid intelligent humans. Worms on earth. Anyhow, if you at least try, you did something with your frippery live. But don't worry, as long as you listen to my teachings, you at least have a chance to catch a little wisdom. You will not understand what it is, but anyhow, as long as you try, you did something with you frippery live.

What is the moral of that story?

Soon the naket conquere will stay there without clothes. Cause the stupid intelligent humans found wisdom. In themselfe. In their heart. And opened the infinitiv source of creation........


Much Love and Light