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This needs to be shared.


Thomas to God:

Dear God,

I always wonder, why must there be so much iniquity [injustice] on this earth? I was told, that's because some people deserve it. Cause the karma thing and all of that. Others say, yeh, that's just like it is. There is no iniquitousness on this earth cause that's like it is. Everyone needs to take care of himself.

And see to get, what he needs for a living. Not matter how. That's ok. Others say, yes, there is iniquitousness on this earth. But people experiencing it are saints showing others, how generous they are to take over the agony of the world, transforming that for all of menkind.

But God, it always hurts my soul if I see inequity. I could cry. And it makes me angry. And it makes me aswoon. And then I am lost. Just alone in a desert.

And the desert is the world. I am completly lost and can not see any hope any more that this might change one time.

And I am all alone.

With all the other beings here on earth which are all alone too. Oneness seems to be an idea difficult to understand. And to live. Please teache me.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


In a matter of time I went to this earth, confident that is a plain of oneness. Now I am not sure about that any more. I need to fight, to live here.

Every day.

I don't want that any more. Just leaving this plain [plane]will re-connect me to oneness.


God to Thomas:

My beloved son, life in the world is not fair. From anything and everything you know and can see, it is not fair. In the world, there are those who trod, and those who are downtrodden. There seems to be a principle operating that says: One must take from another.

This bothers you very much. You see no excuse for it. The principle is false, and you know it. You know that generosity of heart is true. You also see that it often doesn’t seem to work out that way in relative life. Sometimes there appears to be no merit in generosity of heart. At the same time, you know that the merit is in giving your heart, not in anything the world gives you.

Beloved, you can’t go by relative life. If the injustice in the world is the measure of life, you disallow yourself unbounded happiness in life. You don’t want to be a trodder, and you don’t want to be trodden, and yet you feel trodden, locked in a job and locked in a world that do not always love.

Even if someone in his past life earned some punishment, it still doesn’t seem fair that he is punished now. It would be fair for someone who was wonderful in a past life to be rewarded in this one, and yet, by not stretch of the imagination, does it seem fair that the rich man is rich and poor man poor, one man is healthy and another has illness, one man has a happy home, and another does not, and everyone dies sooner or later.

Your question isn’t really why, beloved, why do inequity and cruelty and hardness of heart exist? Your question isn’t really why is there mercilessness and indifference and selfishness. Your question is: “Oh, God, how can I live in the midst of this? How can I continue to submit myself to this world as it seems to be? I use every ounce of my strength to hold on to where I am. I feel like a slave to the world. I go through proscribed motions. I would like to leave this plane. I want to be in Paradise. I want Oneness with you above all, and if I cannot know Oneness with you on Earth, then let me skip off to where I can.

“God, my compassion is not for myself alone. How can I be happy when there are those around me who suffer? And yet I don’t want to add to the suffering of the world with my gloom. God, I want to be free of all this pain and pettiness of the world.”

You make some mis-statements, beloved Thomas. You express them very well, and yet you belie yourself. Do you mind if I show you?

“…then I am lost. Just alone in a desert. And the desert is the world. I am completely lost and can not see any hope any more that this might change one time. And I am all alone. With all the other beings here on earth which are all alone too….saints take over the agony of the world.”

This is one view of life, and it is false. No matter how justified, this view is inaccurate and unjust. Furthermore, saints transcend agony, and so must you.

Beloved son, you have been looking in the wrong place. If you look at misery, you are going to see misery. Enter the garden instead. The world will take of itself, Thomas. Now take care of you.

Please do not think that I minimize your thoughts and feelings. I am saying you cannot stay with them. It is unjust of you to do so. In justice to creation, raise your thoughts. If you can stay slave to the world in your mind, you can do anything. You can change your mind. You can change where your thoughts go.

I will give you a regime, may I?

Get more rest. Go to bed earlier. Do this for Me.

Right now, write down five things you like about your life. Only five things. You may not write more now. Write down five things you like about your work. The money you pay for is one of them. You may not write down more than five.

This afternoon at work, you are allowed to write down everything that happens at work that is pleasing, no matter how tiny a thing it may be. How many do you find? For every ten you find, give yourself a reward. What would be a reward for you, My son?

Whatever goes on in the world, you have made yourself sad and angry and weak-feeling. This is unfair of you to put the responsibility for your feelings onto the world.

Now, beloved, start looking through the other end of the telescope.

What do you like to do on Earth? Write down when you can all the things in the world that could give you joy. Write down one hundred. Keep adding.

What work might you like to do? What are the aspects of work you would like. I know one of them is freedom. Another is service. Keep adding.

I have no doubt in you, Thomas. You are here on Earth for Me. Serve Me. Serve Me even at work.

If you want new work, describe it to yourself. Look for it.

It is a good thing that you must earn a living. It is a good thing that you go to work every day. It is a good thing that you care about the world and all the seeming others in it. And it is a good thing for you to be happy even in the midst of unhappiness. Be happy anyway. You will do much good for the world. The world has been waiting for you. Wrest sweetness from life, and that is what you will give.

Write your heart out to Me. Keep expressing yourself to Me. Do it in writing. Ask for more. Give Me a report every day. I will be looking over your shoulder. And I will help you.

When moved, ask another question of Me through Heavenletters.

And now I bless you with a special blessing, and you will feel less burdened. You will feel your wings beginning to sprout. Your wings will move boulders. And you will fly. You will fly high.

You will know Oneness for yourself while you are on Earth. You are flying to Me now. We fly together. Our hearts touch. You clap your wings in joy, My blessed and beloved son.


Hello Thomas,
I share you concerns. It is truly difficult to try to better oneself in the current atmosphere. Ascension/evolving/growth is so very confusing. I know I , as well as many of us here are searching for answers , to help us navigate our own best course. Amazing things keep happening to try to trip us up! Then there is a multitude of spiritual websites, giving lots of information that befuddles the soul. Most use terms that just aren't ordinary engilish, so I'm not always sure just what they're trying to say. But, that's ok. I know God is speaking to many so that everybody finds something somewhere that they can understand.
The way I understand it; is that we are evolving to become the natural glorious humans that God intended us to be. I'm finding it hard not to speak up when my soul perceives something wrong. This is a big change for me because I've always been so quiet, thinking that I had no right to judge someone else, that that was Gods place, not mine. Let it go ... like that. So I had to question this further. I meditated upon this. Then it dawned on me. Not everybody listens to their soul/to God. This is why we are part of this group we call humanity, to be the physical voice, when the need arises, not in harsh methods, but more like constructive criticism, done as nicely as the situation permits.
You know who I've been looking to as a good example of unconditional love? My dog!!! Speaks up to let us know her needs, warns us of potential strangers on our property, smiles and plays just when I'm stressing out, and makes me take a break and laugh! I've learned to listen to her too. On one occassion, this lovely animal growled and snarled vociferiersly at a school mate my daughter had come for a visit. At first I was alarmed by her behavior. Then I thought If she is telling me in no uncertain terms that she doesn't want this kid in our home, she's probably right. Even though this was a 7 year old, there was something wrong here. Afterward, I asked my daughter not to invite this kid back, and told her why. I had to laugh. She said that she wasn't planning to. She didn't have fun with her, and didn't much like her.
It seems that dogs and kids, just naturally have an easier time figuring it out. :)