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Touching the Spirit of God and allowing others to discern this Love that pours through you Gloria is definitely God networking. The still small voice that catches us off guard is sometimes overlooked as "co-incidence" or "random thoughts". Your still small voice is resonating like a choir and you are writing new melodies daily to keep your Sisters and Brothers singing. This is the personification of JOY. The joy we are meant to experience every day in this life. You have been chosen to be the vessel and we who are thirsty are now quenching that thirst. My day begins with the Heavenletter which sets the tone of my morning. My face Lights with a smile and I can feel my heart swell with thankfulness to be alive.
Joyful blessings to you Gloria, Claudette ^j^


A big welcome to you, Claudette. And what a beautiful message you bring.

I never thought of God as a Networker, but, of course, He is the Supreme Networker of All!

And we all sign up!

Is Claudette your name? Do I know you by another name? Tell us more about you. And post often, will you?

Whoever you are, I am so happy you are here.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

Reply to God's messenger Gloria ~

In answering your question "do I know you by another name?", that would be yes. When I wrote my message to you, for some reason I was unable to send because the screen would pop up saying "that name is already used". In order to send the message I then quickly changed to my Hawaiian name for Claudette. (Kalaukeka) It was accepted then. After pondering this for a while I figured out what happened. I wrote before going to my mailbox to certify my subscription. Now I am able to use my name. I am a novice with the high technology of computer email. It's a daily learning process.
About my using the term "God networking"..... All that we are and do networks with the Universal Perfect Plan. Within this plan are all the Souls created by God. Within each Soul is the God energy that connects us ALL. The Soul of Gloria has awakened, re-connected with God and is performing her mission as Messenger. Your Soul is God-driven with God-desire to enable all Souls to awaken and Know their Divinity. The Heavenletters are written to be read by the intellect and discerned through each heart. God's infinite wisdom has placed our inheritance "LOVE" inside each heart to be awakened in many ways by Divine messengers.
The eager growing Soul no longer wants to unravel many layers to reach the center. Rigid religious rules are no longer accepted, along with silly trinkets, man made idols, books with exercises for the mind and chakras, and oh yes food diets. All of these things has held the Soul in bondage. We cannot serve two Masters! After all. the body merely houses our Soul for this short journey. We must awaken and let God lead. The Heavenletters are the spark fanning the flame in our hearts. When God's Light has illumined our hearts we will once again be free Spirits. This is my thought process of why the Heavenletters have been manifested from your heart to ours. Joyfully, Claudette ^j^