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Attachments Separate Us

As I've evolved in my calling as a channel for healing over the last few years I am being consistently pushed to release all attachments; to others and to ways of being. THe more I've moved into this the more I have been called on to go deeper and deeper in releasing with the most recent being releasing back through all generations of my families as well as my soul and soul groups to when we chose to participate in the beginning of the experiment that is Mother Earth. The last few days this has expanded to included letting go of attachments to those who are close friends and clients who've tapped into to me leaving traces of their karma. As I've completed clearing that this morning I was struck with something that brought tears.

Our attaching to others and to ideas of faith or whatever separates us from our Self/God/Goddess/The Beginning/All That Is. It is standing in the unknown and unknowable allowing it to be whatever we experience that we are One. All of it is Sacred. Even the thought that another is different separates us from them as that part of our self that is like them. Accepting them as perfect in how they are experiencing themselves, even if terrorist or with AIDs opens us and them to the possibility of experiencing the wholeness of ONE.

Blessings Be

Attachments Separate Us

It is so true Jeremiah!

We tend so much to get attached to any kind of external influence, thinking, teaching, etc., that we loose our ability to connect with our own Self/God.

Thank you for this sharing this experience of yours!