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Please test the moderator functions here

Post and article and check how to edit and delete it.

Post an Article, Check how to edit etc.

Dear Adrachin,

I don't seem to know how to open a post unless I reply to it. OR the few words below were all that you posted.

and now what I type will be bold

Now I'll try color: Is this how I do it? Now it won't be color. Now it will be Now it will be green

Now I understand what you were talking about with the email program. I could take an article that is already in color like the one I sent you, and it would just appear the way I send it. I wouldn't have to do all the code. I think I'm getting it.

Did you give directions on how to do this and I just didn't know where to find them?

Anyway, I've got the hang of this now! And it's a very fine feature that I can edit with the preview also visible.

Thanks for everything, dear Thomas

With love, Gloria

Please test the moderator functions here

Testing email. This should generate a mail to me......

Please test the moderator functions here

just an other testpost....