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HEAVEN #1804 An Offering of Love October 13, 2005

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HEAVEN #1804 An Offering of Love October 13, 2005

God said:

What is the virtue in feeling sad? When you are feeling sad, you are regretting something. You are lonely for someone or something. It is a mourning. Perhaps you regret that you didn't enjoy another Being more when he or she was right here before you. And so you enjoy them now with your sadness.

Oh, what words you would say now if someone you miss were here in front of you. How different would your understanding be. You would know that what bothered you at the time was nothing at all. It was nothing at all, and you thought it was big. You had an inside fight with your own heart. You found reasons not to love. The reasons left you, and now you would love. Now you would confess your love.

You would apologize for your lack of understanding. You thought the other person didn't understand, and now you see how much you didn't understand, or even try to understand.

If life be lessons, then the lesson here is to enjoy the person who is before you now. This is your chance. You have guests on Earth for a short time. They are representing Me on Earth as are you.

You are a tender shoot of a flower or bamboo, and they are too. You are both a tendril of love finding its way. Admit that you are love, and that you have been inept at expressing it and recognizing the selfsame love in another.

You batter yourself protesting and protecting your love. You may be a tender shoot, but love is hale and hardy. Pay more attention to love and less to yourself.

Whatever the present is before you, have no regrets later. Have no regrets about what you said or what you didn't say. Have no regrets.

You ask yourself what is it that is so hard about life and its inhabitants. What is it that has to be reconciled? Why, you ask yourself, must what you now see as little have dominated your life? What is it, you ask, that made you fight against love? Beloved, has not your life heretofore been a battle against love, as if love had to be cosseted and spared from entering into life? As if it had to be saved for a radiant day, when all the while it was the love in your heart that had to come out and shine.

This love in your heart has sometimes been tied in little packages, wrapped up and saved in cold storage. Or it has been heated in the fire and appears as sparks of anger.

It is time now for love to come out of the ashes. No longer is love to just peek out to see if it's safe. Love is to come out of your heart like a trumpeter. No longer is your love to be shy. It must come out of hiding.
Can you imagine the joy if all the love in the world came out of its harbor and set sail?

Imagine it. Imagine it and no longer imagine all the contrary things you have imagined that hurt your heart. It is as if you have collected hurts and put them up on your wall when, all the while, you could have majored in love.

Major in it now. Give the love in you permission to dance upon the stage. Let today be your heart's debut. Let your heart star. Ego has preempted it long enough. Put ego to bed, and wake up your love. Bring it to the breakfast table. Bring it to the world. Be an offering of love wherever you turn.