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HEAVEN #1805 A Giver of Love October 14, 2005

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HEAVEN #1805 A Giver of Love October 14, 2005

God said:

Beloveds, in the times when life seems dire, when, to your mind, there is no doubt of the authenticity of woe, then this is exactly when more love is required, and more love is called forth. This is when you reach into your heart. Give love always anyway, yet in the times when love is most needed, give more. Love is the only thing there is to give, so give it.

Reprimands don't help. Remonstrance is a waste. The only thing that can put an end to the need for love is love. When love is needed, you must give it. Even if you have to pull it up from your bootstraps, you must give it. It is yours to give.

Too much time is taken in regard to deciding whether to give love or to abstain. There is no decision to make. Forget about deciding. Make one decision, and make it once, and give love. You know by now we are not talking about stand up and shout love. We are talking about the sending of love from your heart.

Some might call this prayer. If you like the idea of prayer, then in your heart pray that I help you to see in a new way so that love from your heart can naturally pour. Pray that you will see neither deserving nor undeserving. Pray that you will be able to give love from your heart always regardless of any circumstance.

A rose offers its sweetness no matter what the weather. If a rose is thrown in the garbage, it still emits its sweetness. And you are a Human Being who emanates love. Never say that there is a situation that you don't know what to do about. You know what to do. You do what is called for, and what is called for is that you give love. You must find a way to donate love to the cause of peace on Earth and good will to men and women and children and the blessed animals that roam the Earth.

There never is cause for you not to give love. Love is always called for. There is no situation that supersedes love.

If you are about to be hanged, and you love no man on Earth, then love Me. If you cannot love Me, then love that you lived a life on Earth.
Death is the same to all, regardless of the method or time. Love even that you are, even if only for another moment, a sentient Being on Earth. Love that you will have full awareness of greater than you have allowed yourself to know . Love that you are more than your body. Love that innocent hands made a rope. It could have been used for mountain-climbing, but now it is going to be used for you. As you let go of your life, let go of hard feelings. Bestow a mite of your love on those who chose, not to love, but to end your life. Love enough to ask Me to take away their pain.

What is the merit in cursing? What is the merit in protesting? If the wolf has got you in his claws, lie down and love the wolf for he is merely being a wolf and doesn't know anything else. You, on the other hand, do. You are a Being who knows enough to love. You know its value.

Be a giver of love in life and in death. Be a giver of love because there is simply nothing else for you to do.

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