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Mished mash

I was wanting to say something to someone, anyone, about anything at all, because I have next to no friends and for maybe 10 years I have been searching for someone to be my friend over the Internet. You would not believe to what extreme legnths I have gone to find someone. I plan to write a book about the expedition one day.

Anyway. I am a 50 year old married disabled male with no children. I have very little to do with my life, but I am by no means bitter about my lot. In fact I am very grateful The Good Lord has given me a home, a wife, clothes, food and even an old car to get to the shopping lot each day. Our so-called apartment doesn't have much of a kitchen. At night I go over to the Waffle House and Blow a couple of Dollars on coffee. Whoopie.

Well, reply if you want.

No promises, no demands.
Love is a battle field.


Mished mash

you have very little to do with your life or in your life?

it is the BEING that makes our llife, dear Johnny -
and here may be you find the anynone to whom you talk anything anyhow

feel you beloved
and necessay because otherwise you never would have been here on Earth

this is a short answer
but I have to go to school now and be the entertainer in my math's classes
for the next hours


Dear Friend,

We will be your friends.

Do you subscribe to Heavenletters?

Are there any postings on this message board that you would like to respond to?

I think you were very brave to ask your question.

Lots of us in this world are lonely. A word or anything can go a long way.

God bless you.

With love,


Love is no battlefield

Dear Johnny,
I used to have nothing to do with my life and I was very depressed. I mean there was lots of housework and cleaning and things like that to do but nothing seemed to make any sense. Then God gave me such a shock awakening that I just had to find something that could have a meaning in my life. I started reading all the spiritual books and writings on internet and then I started translating them. Now it seems that I've never got time enough to do everything I'd like to. And life has meaning.
I think that love as humans intend it, may be a battlefield, but Love as it really is, IS THE ANSWER.
Who or what brought you to this forum??
Love is the answer.


Dear Johnny,

I keep looking for more from you. Please write.

Your friend,