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My Continuing Journery as a Lightworker

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Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 3:27 pm Post subject: Lightworkers


I guess I should tell you a little about myself and how it is that I have arrived at this wonderful magnificent moment. I'll try not to ramble too much but it is just one of my many gifts.

I was always connected to God. I was raised in the Lutheran Church and was active there even when I was young. There was always a feeling of something was not right here which I was too afraid to think about let alone say out loud. I can remember as a teenager having thoughts and questions as to why if God loved me so much did I have to believe Jesus was the only way I could get to God or Heaven? This didn't make sense to me. I can recall moments of prayer (which I felt guilty about) saying to Jesus something like, "I know that I'm supposed to go through you to get to your Father but I'm going to by-pass you and go straight to Him with my prayer. Please forgive me for doing this but I just don't think He would not hear me if I went right to the top." I can laugh about this now but then I couldn't. I also wondered about all the Non-Christians that would not get to Heaven even if it was not their fault they never even heard about Jesus. I knew in my heart that there was more to this wondrous love from Creator then the church was telling me.

In the last 10 years my life has opened up and expanded in so many ways I'd need to write a book about it all. (Perhaps I will get one published in the near future.) I love to read and it was at the library that I came across the first book about healing. It was The Eagle and the Rose by Dorothy Altea. I recognized through her words how I was a healer also.

Next came the book that really changed everything for me. For weeks I kept pulling the same book off the shelf and putting it back. Finally one day, the day I was ready to receive the message I took it home. It was Neale Donald Walsch's book, Conversation with God. I was hooked! It turned out to be Book 2 and I immediately got Book 1. Here was every thought and question my heart has always held, in words right before my eyes. I now knew who I was, an individualized spark of Divine Light and Love. How magnificent it is to know this truth about myself!

With this remembrance of Who I Am came many experiences and opportunities to share my Light and Love with those people who touch my life. One obstacle I faced was having the opportunity to talk about all of this with others. It was through the web site and its grassroots movement that I found a connection with other like minded people. There was a group meeting in New York City which was too hard for me to get to so by emailing and asking if there were any groups that met on Long Island, a group suddenly formed. Right before my eyes there were other Long Islanders popping up interested in getting together. I created and manifested a miracle with just my thoughts. It goes to show that, even before you ask it is given. For the past 1 1/2 years we have been meeting every Friday night. We assist each other in letting go of the fears that we all hold on to. We always seek a higher thought and know that our intent and thoughts will change the world. It was our desire to Be the Change in the World that brought us together and we all discovered that we don't have to be out front, making loud speeches, going across the globe to make a difference. We create the ripples with our loving thoughts and visualizing light wherever there is "darkness".

This past spring I received a call from Margaret who was also looking for someone to connect with to share her thoughts and feelings about the CWG materials. Through her thoughts she created another group that meets on Thursday mornings. This group has expaned to include many different people from different religions and backgrounds. I'm am/We are so blessed to have each other in our lives. We talk about how to bring more light, love and healing into the world and our own lives. We feel the urgency and remark at how quickly time seems to be moving now. It is an exciting time to be here on Earth. We know as Lightworkers we chose this exact time and place to be here. We know that when we gather our light is brighter and the world is changing in ways we desire it to be. We know that like energies attract the same energies. Our higher thoughts are being joined with other higher thoughts and the power of Love is growing with our help.

I am also a Reiki Practioner and 4 times a month I gather with groups for Healing Meditations, discussions and Reiki sharing. Each opportunity to join with others leaves me feeling so loved and filled with light. This wondrous journey I am on here is ever expanding! It is a joy to inhale each breath and be filled with love and exhale that love and light to the world in each and every moment.

I greet each morning with the expectation of miracles, with gratitude for all I receive and most of all the gifts I will have the opportunity to share throughout the day.

Sending you all love and light,

My Continuing Journery as a Lightworker

Hello Barbara!

Thank you very much for sharing with us your Path!!

I have been quiet and away a bit, so a late but very Heartfelt Welcome!