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The Second Coming of Christ

"In titling this work The Second Coming of Christ, I am not referring to a literal return of Jesus to earth....A thousand Christs sent to earth would not redeem its people unless they themselves become Christlike by purifying and expanding their individual consciousness to receive therein the second coming of the Christ Consciousness, as was manifested in Jesus....Contact with this Consciousness, experienced in the ever new joy of meditation, will be the real second coming of Christ — and it will take place right in the devotee's own consciousness." —Paramahansa Yogananda


To a degree, I agree with Paramahansa, and I would add that Christ is in the gift that God gave us in the form of "A Course In Miracles." As I read the 50 principles of miracles I knew that Christ was in that message, and Christ had written it. What better way to receive Christ consciousness than in the new words of Christ available to all.


There are so many beautiful things written.

Truth is Truth, and it's hard for me to understand putting Truth into a school of thought, or extolling one school of thought. All Truth comes from God.

The thing is to find God. Who cares whether it's through Christ or Buddha or the guy at the corner store, or through someone who posts here.

Of course, I'm partial to Heavenletters. And God in Heavenletters seems to emphasize relying on ourselves more than on any school of thought.

I'm not sure why we have to have schools of thought when it comes to God.

Texts seem to become like religions, and everyone thinks their favorite is the best and that everyone else must read it too.

Does anyone know what I'm trying to say?

Blessings and love,


The Second Coming of Christ

Let me know if I am correct. I think what you are saying is that any form of text can turn into doctrine or theology. Doctrine and theology can build false religion and create a God that is worshipped. We need to know God in our hearts and have that as our true experience.

Yes, our rendition of God

Dear Indigo Child,

Yes, I think you're translating me into English! Especially when you say:

"We need to know God in our hearts and have that as our true experience."

Also, there seems to be a certain language, terminology, and expressions that go with these schools of thought, and when people say them, they are not their own words but ones they are repeating. Better these words than so many others we could be picking up, yet it feels like imitation to me, or selling.

I once belonged to a group, and every word out of my mouth was like, well, the party line. There was Truth, and it was good, but I was copying. Everyone in the group was copying. Maybe this is what makes me so sensitive to this.

I remember way back then, a friend who was not sold out to the group, said to me: "Well, what do you say, Gloria?"

I had nothing to say that was my own.

Thanks for listening, Indigo Child.

Love you,


P.S. Regarding calling yourself Indigo Child, of course, you are. Indigo Children always existed. There just wasn't a name for who you were then.