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Questioning! Please reply!

Hi Gloria,
Haven't written for a while, but I was wondering..again!
Why don't people write what God tells them? Why aren't people's Godwriting shared? Are they all too personal? Am I not seeing them on the site? If they aren't too personal, it can be shared, can't it? Where would they be?
Also..., I never got an answer in regards to this question ..does God only speak to you for the letter writing, or can you ask Him something spontaneously during the day? Is He a "God on Demand"? , or is it organized for the writing. I'm not asking about, " should I go to the store now or later?", but stronger questions that pop up. Do you get little answers on a regular basis? What about other people? the entire world, how many people have you taught to Godwrite? Just wondering.
I ask alot of questions, don't I!

Nancy! Nancy!

You sure ask good questions! I believe you are asking on behalf of the universe, Nancy, because it’s time for more personal Godwriting™ to be shared.

There are two answers to this! Yes, Godwriters™ do share, and, yes, they don’t!

Look on the Heaven blog and you will find some Heavenpetals™, personal Godwriting Godwriters have written themselves. You’ll find them under Godwriting workshops. I think I’d better make a new category on the blog. Probably I’ll call it Heavenpetals so it’s clear to everyone.

I am waiting for samples of Godwriting from the Nevada workshop we just had. Everyone’s Godwriting is tremendous. That goes for everyone. It is God’s writing after all.

I do have to tell you that it is not easy to get Godwriters to come forward with their own Godwriting. I’m not sure what it is. Shyness, perhaps. I, like you, dear Nancy, love it when people share their Godwriting. Whatever the questions, whatever the answers, they are for all, and all benefit. At the same time, Godwriters have to have the freedom to share or not.

I have to say I have my own reluctance to sharing some of my personal Godwriting as well. In fact, when Annette was putting the archives together, I was reminded that the early Heavenletters were filled with my stuff, some of it really petty. Not questions about whether I should go to the store or not but about my hurt feelings and what someone said and what I thought about it and other ego stuff. I’m not proud of all of it, but what God says is so wonderful and helpful, it had to be included.

I still do my personal Godwriting virtually every day, although sometimes I miss. I never miss writing down Heavenletters™ themselves, however.

My present personal Godwriting is backed up on a special gmail account my daughter has for it.
Some of it I would not want published during my lifetime. This is because of both my anger and my love. Not only embarrassing for me, but embarrassing to others as well, and unfair. Upon my death, my daughter will send this folder to Santhan, and the Heaven team will decide what to do with it all. But who knows what I might decide sooner?

I certainly could find lots of my present personal Godwriting to share, and I think I will, and maybe right here under your question is the place to put it. As soon as I can, I will, okay? Maybe it’s my own reluctance that has kept other people from sharing theirs more. Hmm.

Yes, it is God on demand. He is always ready and willing, happy to respond.

I have never totaled up the numbers of Godwriters. Nineteen in the last one in Nevada. The one before that in Romania, 125+, the biggest I ever was blessed with. Germany about 20, and Greece 45.

I have also given Godwriting workshops to only ten people, and also to one person.

I’m still waiting for you, Nancy! I think you need to take the plunge and just do it. In April?

It is very good to ask questions and to post them.

Thank you, dear Nancy.

Questioning! Please reply!

Dear Gloria,

how can it be that SO OFTEN Heavenletters are exactely to the point, arriving at the perfect moment ? If reading them or if translating them, it's really amazing, it's beautiful, it's Heaven.
DIVINE TIMING !!! Only GOD can truely respond with so much love and perfect timing, what a wonderful game of love this is and .....

dear Nancy,
yes, for me God is on demand, He's in my heart, He wishpers softly to me whenever I have the awareness to hear Him. He's always there, never moves away, it's me that have still to learn a lot and have a long way to go.

Love Light and Joy to you dear angels

Questioning! Please reply!

Thank you for the replies! I get so excited when someone replies!
My husband is very against me taking the Godwriting workshop. He thinks it's all very silly and a waste of money, even though I'd be paying for it with my own money. He won't even allow me to explain why I'd like to go. Unless it's an organized religion, it's against God. All the Godwiriters are confused and delusional people trying to get my money. Sad, isn't it? You would think he would have seen a change in me, maybe he has?, and see that it is a good change. I don't like to argue with him, it takes up too much energy. That was why I was asking if someone in Chicago could teach I could just "slip" out and go to the workshop. Well, maybe one day. I console myself with the daily letters and comments. If I have a burning question, I can always send it to Gloria to ask God for me. My husband really is a good guy, just a little confused and delusional himself!
Let me know where I can read more God messages and even the petty stuff is ok! Sometimes I don't know if I should go to the store or not.... :lol:
Bless you all!
Love, Nancy

Where is everybody!

Dear Nancy,

I wanted other people to respond to you before I did. Where is everyone?

Of course, it is exciting when someone responds. Every post deserves to be responded to. Where is everybody!!!!

And will you also kindly add your comments to other people's posts, dear Nancy?

In regard to your coming for a workshop, dear one, I don't know what to say except: May your dear husband's heart melt, and you easily and harmoniously come for a workshop!

God is with you whether you take a Godwriting workshop or not.

God bless you, dear dear Nancy.