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Rid yourself of darkness

Darkness is limited.

Scientifically, when you remove all the light, and nothing else remains and you have total darkness. At that point there is nothing BUT TOTAL DARKNESS.

I experienced this many years ago while traveling with a friend.

While on a road trip my friend and I came across a bill-board that advertised the darkest place on darkness. Intrigued, we decided to check it out.

We went to the location, paid for the tour and we admitted through a small door that would not be seen if one did not know what to look for. Each was issued a flashlight and we began to descend. With our flashlights blazing in the darkness we were not aware that we had entered total darkness. Our lights kept the darkness at bay.

We reached the final platform of the cave. I could see the cave went deeper and there seemed no way out from the depths. We were then told to turn off our lights.

My friend, who was standing right next to me suddenly disappeared and I was all alone with no sense of direction, no sense of security, no sense of ANYTHING. I could hear the gasps of others that expressed a wisp of panic, uncertainty and uneasiness. We were all disconnected from each other as our guide explained that we were in the midst of TOTAL DARKNESS.

In other words, it could be no more darkness than what we were experiencing in that moment. Total darkness with no direction, no depth, no feeling, no ability to discern our surroundings.

Just as my panic was beginning to take hold of my better senses, we were told that we would now move back to the top of the cave.

I was now at full panic-level. My mind was screaming, "How do you expect me to get there?" "What, do you want me to fall into the abyss?" "There is no one here to help me!" "What am I to do NOW?"

I heard others groaning with discomfort and dis-ease when the guide instructed us to turn on our flashlights.

Suddenly the darkness abated. We were no longer in total darkness. The darkness had definition, had expression, had contrast and the Light led us to safety.

Lesson: Darkness is limited. Darkness is finite. Once total darkness is achieved, it can get no darker.

Light, on the other hand is UNlimited. It is infinite and can NEVER be contained nor limited. It has no bounds and is always available to show us the way.

Would you like to get rid of darkness as it appears in your life?

Try this:
Place yourself in a meditative state and call forth the darkness. It may be a gray haze; it might be the color black; it might be a picture of Satan.

Ask this darkness if it wishes to join the Light.

Yes or No.

If the answer is "no" begin to squeeze the darkness until it is wafer-thin. Because total darkness has no dimension, it cannot expand itself. It can only be darkness.

You can use any means to squeeze. I use a hydraulic chamber.

Once the darkness is wafer-thin, encase it in a plastic, see-through container and explain to it that when it wants to join the Light, the container will release and set it free. Until that time, it will remain in the container.

Now, expel the container into the darkness of the Universe, knowing that it can harm, hurt or limit no thing until it is released with its promise to join the Light.

You can do this exercise with any darkness as many times as you want or need to. Once removed, THAT particular dark thought, emotion or entity can no longer effect you.