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Archangel Michael's Planification Report - 19 March 2007

[SSN] Archangel Michael's Planification Report - 19 March 2007 (new)


19 March 2007

What does the word “planification” mean? Planification is the bringing forth of the master plan for the ascension of planet Earth. Plan (as in planet) ification (to be in a state of bringing forth)

Who developed this master plan? The master plan for the ascension of planet Earth is the result of countless hours of creative planning, council meetings, information and intelligence review. This plan is under constant construction and recreation by the population of the Kingdom of Agartha , the civilization of inner Earth, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light.

Who is responsible for carrying out this master plan? All inhabitants of planet Earth are responsible for carrying out this master plan for the ascension of planet Earth. First and foremost are the many starseeds, walk-ins and Lightworkers; they are the “nitty gritty” of the entire operation. Behind them are the councils and inhabitants of the Kingdom of Agartha , the Ascended Masters of Earth and the many councils and citizens of the Galactic Federation.

What does this master plan entail? The planification of Earth is a massive operation being carried out on many levels simultaneously. Contrary to popular religious belief, there is no supreme being outside of humanity that created the heavens and the earth. The Creator or Prime Creator is a name given to the supreme intelligence of All That Is. The soul is as one cell in a larger body; that infinitely larger body that comprises All That Is. Every soul and every cell contain the blueprint of the whole, infinitely larger being that comprises All That Is and that is God. To say that God creates and carries out this master plan for planet Earth is not erroneous. However, to say that every soul is also God is also not erroneous. Soul and God are one and the same.

There is a story told among ancient galactic human societies about the nature of Prime Creator. Prime Creator existed for an eternity in absolute perfection until one moment it had a thought. This was a strange thought indeed, for Prime Creator desired to know more of itself. This desire led Prime Creator to divide itself up into trillions and trillions of tiny pieces. Each tiny piece not only contained the image and similitude of Prime Creator, each tiny piece was, in fact, a tiny Prime Creator. These tiny pieces of Prime Creator were called First Source Souls. These First Source Souls pondered their individual existences for an eternity until one moment a thought crossed the mind of one of them. Why don’t we create a physical existence for ourselves? This question, the first of all questions, passed quickly from soul to soul until it was decided by all First Source Souls to create Physicality. Such a thing had never been done before, so it took another eternity to figure out how to create Physicality. With a master plan for creating Physicality in mind, all First Source Souls ventured forth into their new creation called Physicality. In the beginning there was nothing and in the next moment there was Light. This Light took many forms ranging from universes and dimensions to galaxies, nebulas, stars and planets. These First Source Souls inhabited their beautiful creations and these creations in turn took many forms. After an eternity of inhabiting universes, dimensions, galaxies, nebulas, stars and planets another question formed. Why don’t we create physical bodies that live upon these planets that we have created? As you can imagine, it took another eternity to figure out how to create physical bodies that could survive and live upon and within these planets that they had created. Incidentally, all solid planetary bodies are hollow with a glowing inner sun or core. These First Source Souls looked out upon all that they had created and they saw that it was good. Hell, it wasn’t just good, it was perfection itself! As they admired their creations they were unaware that their consciousness became one with the physical forms that they had created. For another eternity these First Source Souls walked, jumped, ran, swam and played upon and within this massive multitude of planets. In due course, their essences became separated into gender, the masculine and the feminine and their physical forms also were split into two halves. Now there were male forms and female forms and they made love with their hearts and they began to bear children. With each successive generation of offspring, these First Source Souls split into ever tinier pieces. And here we all are today, walking, jumping, running, swimming and playing upon this one beautiful blue globe that is our home. We have been walking, jumping, running, swimming and playing upon this one beautiful blue globe for so long now that we have forgotten that we have brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, cousins, nieces and nephews living upon the many other inhabitable planets of Physicality.

All those trillions and trillions of years ago when we assigned the celestial bodies their places in the heavens and their movements, we never imagined for one moment that we might get lost. How could we get lost? Well, through all those eternal generations of splitting ourselves into offspring we unintentionally caused a separation to occur within our souls. This separation took the form of a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body and even these four bodies forgot that the others exist. This is the state of human consciousness today, as it exists today, upon the surface of planet Earth. Now it is time to come home to the full knowledge of who and what we really are. We are all tiny little sparks of the Divine. Each tiny spark is a Divine Being unto itself. You are that Divine Being; you have only forgotten this simple truth.

Fortunately, we have many family members that live on the interior of our planet and they are collectively known as the Kingdom of Agartha . The councils of Agartha have faithfully represented their surface family as members of the Galactic Federation for the past 13 millennia. The time has now come for us to be restored to our original state of full consciousness and once again take our place as citizens of the Galactic Federation. This master plan to return surface humanity to it’s rightful place and home is called: Planification.

Planification is comprised of many different components, each one vital to the restoration of full consciousness and to the restoration of the surface environment of the living entity upon which we dwell, Gaia or Mother Earth.


1. Starseeds, Walk-ins and Lightworkers

2. Messages from the Ascended Masters and Galactic Citizens

3. Restoration of twelve strands of RNA/DNA

4. Restoration of the thirteen chakras

5. Restoration of the Merkabah or Lightbody


1. Diplomatic overtures by the Galactic Federation

2. Refusal of Earthly governments to heed warnings

3. Destructive use of nuclear energy

4. Industrialization and the Petroleum Age

5. Refusal of Earthly governments to release technologies

6. First Contact and subsequent cleanup of the surface environment


1. Origins of and truth regarding The Fall

2. Religions were instituted among mankind to control

3. Religious crusades, inquisitions and the power of the Church

4. Return of the Ascended Masters


1. Hybornea, the first human colony

2. Lemuria and Atlantis


1. The quarantine of planet Earth

2. The first space travelers of the current era

3. The Illuminati and One World Order

4. The secret war

5. First Contact

I will write of Planification in a series of articles, beginning with Starseeds, Walk-ins and Lightworkers. Your comments and constructive criticism are welcome at mdbtaa [at] gmail [dot] com. If you would like to be placed on my primary distribution list, please email me. I have just set up a website and until I obtain my own domain name, my dear brother Tom has kindly donated space on his home web server. My website can be accessed at:

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