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Heavenletter 2310 And Angels haikus

Hello Friends,

God said look this way
And look with the eyes of love
In deed and vision

God said We will be
The God of Love you will be
You will be One love

God said Beloveds
Beautiful thoughts like angels
Are your wings of light

God said be happy
Once and for all be the love
For Heaven is close

God said you are new
You are a free agent now
You are free to love

Aloha Light

Seeing the Heaven haikus here makes me think that this is where they belong!

How do you feel about that?

Heavenletter 2310 And Angels haikus

Oh Gloria!
I didn't realize this post was here in "The daily Heavenletter and Comments" section. But I feel good seeing them every time and would be happy to post them wherever you think they should be.

Aloha Light

I would like you to decide. Of course, I've heard there are no accidents! I had to see it before it occurred to me!

It seems to me that the splendid Haiku you put together are direct noble responses to the Heavenletters themselves. Under the Heavenletters themselves, this way a reader doesn't have to go to another place. I like the economy of that. A step saved.

This is a good time to make the change, if you feel good with it, because this forum is soon going to become part of the web site itself!

Shall I tell Santhan?

Heavenletter 2310 And Angels haikus

Yes, I agree...I'll start posting them here. Shall I post them as "a reply" to each Heavenletter or separately like this one?


What do you think, dear one?

My initial thought was to have one thread under each Heavenletter, but, you know, it's really what you feel. I haven't really thought it through. Probably there are advantages both ways. You can decide as you go along.

If we are agreed, I will write to Santhan and ask him to remove the separate Haiku category from the new set-up.

Heavenletter 2310 And Angels haikus

Okay Gloria!

And this just in from "Heavenletter 2311 In Service to God"

God said:

"It would not be in front of me if it were not for me do."

God always has the last word!


Love ya, Karen.