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Can you be spiritual and connected to your body?

This is in response to a question from Gloria about something I shared with her off board:
“So many spiritual people are not connected to their bodies – is this what you are referring to? Deeper, I suspect. “

Most of humanity is not connected to their bodies. This comes from a couple of sources, the patriarchal system/culture that has the feminine be less than the masculine and religions that declare sexuality and being sexual is bad. Enormous separation of self from Self within, masculine from feminine within and without, separation from another even when "in love", separation from others (war & crime) and separation of self from God even as we desperately seek Him/Her/All That Is/the Beginning of All That Is.... results.

We become torn between the beliefs that sex is bad and start a love/hate relationship with our body. Addictions ensue to ways to get back to that experience of Oneness - no separation. Those who can finally give up their addiction to pain and welcome the pleasure of being fully in their bodies and all that was intended by taking bodily form experience Oneness in a way that obviates the need for laws, armies, governments, churches for they know themSelves as One with All and have no desire to harm themselves - the others out there.

Do you suppose that was why, during the time of Emperor Constantine, a number of pieces of scripture were excluded from the Bible and that what was left gave reference to Mary Magdalene as prostitute rather than as many of us know Her to have been in Sacred Union with Jesus. Shortly afterwards priests were made to either leave their calling or renounce their wives and families.

Much of the Buddhist doctrine moved away from healing declaring that the ultimate healing was to leave the body, so don't worry about dis-ease. They let go of healing techniques practiced by contemporaries of Jesus, and perhaps even Him. They even devised a meditation posture, lotus position, where the legs are crossed, which closes the meridians, cutting off the lower half of the body enabling one to go out easily - so many spiritual people aren't truly in their bodies and resist dealing with the hidden darkness that is just as much a part of them as Light. It is all One. There were some who continued to hold onto the secret teachings that we now know as Tantric Yoga. Interestingly enough only about 9 in 101 tantric secret scriptures deal with the sexual. Mostly it is about relating to self, another, others and then All that Is.

Okay, long answer and just what was coming through. Sometimes She takes over.

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Can you be spiritual and connected to your body?

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may I share BALANCE from Celia Fenn

Daily Star Light

The key, Dearest Lightworkers, is BALANCE. Where your life is out of
balance, you will feel it now. And you will have to deal with and
process whatever feelings and issues are still repressed on a deep
level. It is the balance between body and spirit, and learning to give
the body and its needs and feelings as much attention as you give the
mental and spiritual aspects of yourselves.

It is learning to be in your bodies, and to celebrate your physical
existence on this beautiful planet. And to accept the flows of life,
and to learn to cease creating dramas of pain and suffering. All these
things are part of the reality parameters of the 5th and 6th
dimensions that you are learning right now.

And for many of you, learning to accept the nature of endings, whether
of relationships or of lives of dear ones, has been a part of this
process. Learning to live lightly, to allow endings, but to have a
deep appreciation of love and life while they are there. To love and
support others where you can, but also knowing when to let go if you
cannot. Always remembering that Spirit and the Higher Aspect of each
person and each being on the Planet will ensure that everyone is cared
for and held in light, no matter how hard things may seem on the outer

By Celia Fenn

Starchild Ascension

© 2004-5 Celia Fenn

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.