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We are One

My deepest gratitude goes to Michelle, with whom you just did a workshop, Gloria. She shared with me your site and I shall be sharing it with those of Like Mind....we are One.

In these days of spiritual questing, it is WONDERFUL to be with Family. It seems to be so long since I spent time with you-all. What a wonderful home-coming it has been to review these posts and reMEMBER my origins.

By holding onto the Best in humanity, we energize our personal Eden and then we share it here at Heaven Letters. In that sharing, thought becomes reality and Earth is once again the Paradise it is meant to be.

Thank you Michelle. Thank you Gloria. Thank you Yah for the opportunity to read my thoughts as presented by other angels on Yah's Realm.

With much love, LovLee


Dearest Lovlee,

Can this forum get better?

It can't possibly, and then a lovely comment like yours appears!

That was a wonderful workshop. God and Michelle made it happen.

God is blessing us all.

Michelle has intimated that there will be another one in Minden, Nevada. I can't wait!