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It only hurts when I think

Today, I remembered...

it only hurts when I think.

Strange, magical day, weekend actually. I've spent a lot of time in
this really calm, observant yet immersed state.

Earlier, I was temporarily pulled out of this lovely, natural state by
thinking my usual littany (for me anyway) of; what do I want, what
do I need, am I contributing enough to the world, blah, bah, blah...

Thankfully I was pulled out of this familiar morass with the powerful
truth that my "thinking" self, my ego, is not what's important here.
What's important is the soul.

I was once again reminded of how the ego is much like an ignorant
child, full of wants and unspeakable fears, all woven into an illusion,
arbitrary and silly.

I started to feel the customary tension/unease that goes with this type
of thinking but quickly realized this pain was not necessary nor real.
It's just a conditioned response, a bad habit.

Voila! It only hurts when we think.