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BABADJI - About Building a Commune

We come to tell you about those principles, on which there a Commune is built...

BABADJI, December 23, 2006

I AM Babbage, again come to give the Doctrine, ancient as the world. I AM have come this day, and the sun has heralded my coming. *

I'm happy to given opportunity. As each opportunity of our conversation, in order it to take place, still demands of great efforts and great energy expenses. But we go to meet you and overcome all spatial and time difficulties, combined with a difference of vibrations of our worlds.

I have come to once more fortify in your consciousness ancient truths and the wisdom of ages. And this truth, and this wisdom are in the fact, that never before anything, that has separate itself from the world, could exist for a long time. Each time there was found sages and prophets, who separated themselves from the world and tried to cognize in solitude all completeness of the Divine Truth. And their way was not easy and full of all kinds privations. Many of them simply perished never cognized the Divine Truth and even never touched it. This is the way of lone persons, this is the way of pioneers. And only few of them were a success at a price of incredible efforts to touch the Divine Truth, concealed in the heart of their hearts. And each time the world had new philosopher, new sage and prophet, able to impart obtained Truth to thousands and millions other people. A process of understanding the Truth and a process of message the Truth to other people represent two processes, which intersupplement each other and can't exist each without other. Because it's impossible to obtain an access to countless treasures on the Heavens and to not share these treasures with others. Each time, when somebody strived to obtain heavenly treasures for him own self, for his own development, it ended in failure. The God wishes the development of the mankind to go in more-less correct rhythm, and it's impossible to be in your world, if you too much lose contact at a level of your vibrations from all that surround you.

Therefore I come and teach you. And all Ascended Assemblies come to you to give you their teaching. Because it's impossible to be detached in this universe. Sooner or later everybody, who stands apart too much, won't be able to live.

And I try to impart to your consciousness principles of a Commune. Principles, allowing on basis of a Commune to spread our Doctrine in your world. The principle of a Commune is a tried by the time principle of fixing new knowledge and raise of a morality of the Earth inhabitants on the new level. Each time, when a Commune is created, it is called up on the new qualitative level to fix knowledge, sent down on the next stage of the mankind development from the Heavens. The Commune in itself isn't of any practical value. The Commune is of a value only when it answers its missions, sent down from the Havens. The moment, when by the Commune it is implied co-residence of the people on the same territory, it realizes a principle of false commune. A real Commune is able to be realized only around of creature, invested with our power and trust. Because when the Commune is created on the basis of our principles, we instill into a chalice of the Commune the Divine energy, necessary for its development and maintenance.

And now I recommend you to think over in your heart everything, what has been told you today, and everything, what you have ever read about Communes and community-men.

The moment, when from a Commune it goes away a person, representing on the physical plan our interests, a Commune gradually loses its sense and disintegrates. Yet there is no a sufficient mechanism, which would allow a Commune to exist without a base, which is that focus of the Light, which we fix in the heart of our envoy. It's similar to that, as a house can't exist in conditions of a rough winter and be inhabited, if in it there no a fire of a fireside.

We come to tell you about those principles, on which there a Commune is built. An affair of building of a Commune is very gradual. First of all it is created a matrix on the fine plan. And this matrix completely conforms to Divine samples, to Divine principles of creating a Commune. Then, during certain space period, when passes one cycle after another, this matrix begins to settle on the physical plan and to grow into the physical world in the form of a territory, a building, purely human rules and principles, which underlie. Each time a Commune has to adapt to existing conditions at that country, which we choose for building of a Commune. And each time conditions of the building of a Commune are formed by us on the fine plan and settle in the space and time. Now the Commune, its building, has been finished on the fine plan, and we are waiting for, how in the near future this Commune will begin its settling into the physical plan. It won't be materialization in the full sense. For this it requires great quantity of energy, which we yet are unable to give. But we with pleasure profit by your help and your resources, which you are ready to give us for the building of our Commune. Of course, that into this Commune there can't get all comers. This Commune will open its doors only to those people, whose vibrations and aspirations will coincide with our plans and hopes.

I would be very happy, if within a few years such a Commune might be built on the territory of Russia as a country, in which we begin now our building. Of Russia as a country, on which we lay our sponsion, and which must within the nearest time realize those principles, which we would wish to confirm in each country of the world.

I'm very glad, that today I have been a success to give you some basic aspects, necessary for confirmation of a sense of a Commune in your minds and hearts. I'm very glad, that it has occurred at the important astrological moment of changing of a solar cycle. And therefore new consciousness and new thought, combined with a Commune, will grow in your consciousness together with growth of a solar day in the northern hemisphere. And all that hampers a creation such a Commune will melt similar to night darkness at a sunrise.

I have told about a Commune, and some commune principles have been announced to your consciousness by me. I will be glad, if that, what is sowed, can grow and give sprouts and a crop at certain seasons.

Then, when you return to reading of this message, in your consciousness there will begin to grow new and new details. And you will be able to understand that plan, which we have and nurture in our hearts on the earth of Russia the mother.

I was happy to give you this important Doctrine just now.

And now I have to say goodbye, and don't lose hope of the next our meetings. Om.

* Since morning it was cloudy, snowing. At the moment, when Babadji came, the ray of sun appeared from clouds, and the sun was all the time, while it was the dictation, and then it again became cloudy and snowing.

I AM Babadji!