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Guidance From Above

Dear Friends,

One of you sent me this message and I am wondering whether anyone would like to take part in it. I see it as a bit of harmless bit of fun, otherwise I would not post it on to anyone. However, my own response was quite meaningful. I look forward to reading about your.

Here is what you are supposed to do:

1. Grab the nearest book. Don't think, just get the book.

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Consider it as a Message from the Divine to you

5. Reply to me with the message/sentence.

Let's see how this work.

Much Love - Aquarius

Guidance From Above

One of my friends just sent me the guidance he received. It is of such general interest and importance that I would like to share it here with you all. As far as I can tell, we are all struggling with this aspect of our nature.

With love and light,

I tried this: the book that came to hand was the life and teaching of the masters of the Far East (volume 3). I opened the book at page 123; however my attention was unconsciously drawn to page 122, which was very relevant to my current life circumstances. The fifth sentence was at the end of a small paragraph. the paragraph reads; A house divided unto itself is shattered and must fall. United it does maintain forever. Choose you whom you will serve. Division is failure and death. Unity in the Father Mother Principle is eternal progress, honour and dominion.

This is relevant to what is happening to me because I am trying to develop my spiritual nature but I am still hanging on to old fears and habits. The two are in conflict, therefore my house is divided and I must choose whether to allow my lower mind to run the show, or ask for God's guidance and develop my heart mind to the best of my ability, However, letting go of the emotional baggage of the past is not so easy. A lot of it is unconscious and you have to wait until it is ready to surface and you (with God's help) are capable of dealing with it. And then you see it for what it really is I believe that all problems in life are an opportunity from the divine to learn a lesson that is necessary for soul growth. And that they will recur time and again in different forms until you find a way to resolve them and return to the Divine. "You are doomed to repeat your mistakes until you learn by them." B.R.

Guidance From Above

Such good ones are arriving; here is the next one:

I tried it, picked up YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE and on page 123, line 5 was: ‘Every cell in your body responds to every thought you think and every word you speak.’

Not new, but an important reminder. Love and Light. T.

Guidance From Above

I grapped the book I have near the computer, it's Mother Mary's 'Master Keys to the Abundant Life' by Kim Michaels. The fifth sentence on page 123 says:
They are using the power of their minds to manipulate energy in a way that is completely out of harmony with the laws of God, the most important of which is the Law of Love that creates harmony between the individual and the whole.


Guidance From Above

Thank you, Paula, for sharing your message with us. It's a very potent one, but the way I see it that too is part of humankind's learning, on our long evolutionary pathway back home into our true nature and into the oneness with God. It is a passing phase in our individual development and that of the Earth. Many are now waking up to this fact and are living their life striving to come into harmony with the laws of the Universe.

With love and light,

From Managing with Style by Rowe and Mason

"Individuality: needs to be different; is creative; has ideas; likes freedom, independence and spontaneity; is individualistic."

Guidance From Above

Was that your guidance, Gloria? It's a good one, too.
Love - Aquarius

Guidance From Above

As I was reading through the posts, I saw this. It was easy to grab a book as there was one right there next to my computer. It's one of my favorites--The Art of Life by Ernest Holmes. Page 123, fifth sentence, reads "Have absolute faith It will do this and you will not be disappointed."

The entire paragraph reads: "You should take time daily to rise above any sense of confusion. As you do this, you will feel a stillness at the center of your being. As you sense this this inner stillness you will feel the Power moving out into action, in everything you think. Have absolute faith It will do this and you will not be disappointed."


Guidance From Above

Dear fortheloveofgodde,
Thank you for sharing your guidance with us here on this forum. It was a good one and so very true for all of us. It is this having absolute faith and learning to trust the guidance of our Highest Self we are all struggling with, don't you think?
I get a feeling that it could also have related to something you were doing - or maybe trying to do, at the time. If so, did you follow the advice given? With love - Aquarius

Guidance From Above

P.S. to the above message. Are you new on this message board? If so, welcome and I look forward to reading your insights and the learning you are willing to share with us. With love - Aquarius

Guidance From Above


Yes, I am brand-new to Heaven Letters and to the board, but through your posts and the others, I feel at home.

Yes, that paragraph certainly did have meaning for me today--I needed the reminder to take a breath, be silent, and feel the stillness. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride lately (really for the last year or so), and no sign of letting up soon.

But it's all okay when I stay on my center. I'm sure you know what I mean when I say it sometimes feels like I'm on a nice wide plank, while at other times I'm balancing on a tiny little mustard seed.

Always helps to get a little nudge, and maybe a little spiritual hand-holding to help us keep our balance. Today was the day I needed to read your post, turn to page 123, and find what I needed.

Wow ... I do go on sometimes. I'm so glad I found (was led, really) to this site and community of conscious people. I'm getting there ...

Guidance From Above

Dear fortheloveofgodde,
Thank you for your message and I am so glad that you have joined us. As you are probably aware, people who are willing to write and post messages are rare on all Forums. So, it's always good when someone joins who is happy doing it.

I am fairly new to Heavenletters myself. Have you read my version of 'The Song of Life' - or rather the one that my own inspiration flowed in, to which Gloria very kindly gave her permission?

If you don't mind telling me your age - if need be, do so by private e-mail - I could probably shed some light into why it is you are going through such a rollercoaster time of life, at present. Just an idea! Also, if you are interested in astrology, you might like to go to my website 'Astrological Writings' and read my interpretation of your birthsign. It could help you find a better understanding of your lifepath in general.

With love and light,

I grabbed a library book

I grabbed a library book that I haven't even read yet. I had meant to pick up Sermon on the Mount by Emmet Fox but this book was closer. The book is one of Wayne Dyer's entitled "There's a spiritual solution for every problem" page 123, sentence 5 reads "God does not condemn, God forgives". I do know this - perhaps I needed a reminder. I have been having a pretty consistent headached since getting my Reiki Master attunement a couple days ago and have been asking what this headache is all about. Will have to sit with this short reading to learn if the two have a relationship :-)


Oh,my! Page 123, line 5,

Oh,my! Page 123, line 5, Book title "The pursuit of happiness". God sends this timely message to me (haphazard translation a la Maria) :o) : "During childhood we may have been taught to see sports and games like a way of winning titles rather than a way to have fun and to exercise. We were early schooled to see victory as the only pleasure of playing".

Have you noticed that we all grabbed a spiritual book?

PS Aquarius,I admire your bouncing vitality. You seem to be full of life! I checked your website earlier and I was astounded by the scope and the depth of the info you have put in there! You deserve a big bravo!

Thank you, Margod, for your

Thank you, Margod, for your kind words about my website and my bouncing vitality!!! Hmm... Sorry about the late reply; I have only just discovered your comments. In the meantime, plenty more has appeard on my site - in case you're feeling like calling again.

With love - Aquarius

I noticed too that we all

I noticed too that we all grabbed spiritual, helpful books. I haven't read a fictional novel in years, but maybe I should now and then. lol

The nearest book I have is a an old Seth book.
pg. 123, 5th line reads,

'It is only the inner senses that will give you any evidence at all of the basic nature of life.'

(speaking about scientists having to give up their tools eventually, and use their inner awareness more.)

But, I accidentally opened it to page 113, and since I'll be taking the dogs on a walk today in a place where there is nothing but trees and grass, this page fits my thoughts about the trees:
"The tree maintains constant awareness and the ability to adjust in two completely different worlds -so to speak- one in growing upward, and one composed of much heavier elements into which it must grow downward. Man needs artificial methods to operate effectively on land or in water....
The inner senses of all plant life are well-attuned, alert, and very vital. All these fragments have consciousness to a rather high degree, considering that man holds them in such low repute."
(Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness)

Soluna! (Very powerful

Soluna! (Very powerful name!)

You've got dogs, you like trees, you read Seth... The only bad thing about you is that you are a woman, othrwise I would ask you to marry me! :o)


We are bridges between Heaven and Earth. Like the trees, our roots need to go deep down into the Earth, to receive from her all the nourishment and strength she is capable of giving. And we have branches, so that we can reach high up into the Heavens, to bring down the blessing and healing rays of the Highest Sun, through the visible Sun in our sky and the one that shines in our heart and soul. We are here to illuminate and warm, bless and heal everything that is in our world. And it is our loving devotion to both Mother Earth and Father Sun that can do more than anything, to help those in the world of Light to heal – through us – all parts of Creation into one again.

Those who are here now, are being allowed the rare privilege of welcoming and celebrating the conscious return to humankind of the gentle and infinite wisdom of the feminine, the Great Mother, the nurturer, through whom all life is given. No longer do we need to be orphans or semi-orphans, who only have a Father in Heaven. Both our Divine Parents are again fully coming into the conscious awareness of humankind. Again, we are beginning to know that they are in us and with us, and that they will be in all Eternity!

Praise be to Thee, O Father/Mother Creator.
Our sister, Mother Earth,
Carries us in kindness and with her strength.
Thou art giving us her beauty and her many gifts
Of fruits, trees, flowers and meadows.

Thank Thee, O Father/Mother Creator,
For giving us firm ground underneath our feet;
Fruit that grows towards us,
Flowers that please us;
And the shade of trees to rest in.

The Earth is Thine;
She is our home but for a time.
Thou hast given her to us,
So that we should ‘build on her and take care of her’ (1 Moses 2, 15)
Thank Thee, O Father/Mother Creator.
St. Francis of Assisi

Extract from Part One 'The Random Jottings of a Stargazer'

With love and light,