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Content With Content

It is enough to Be
Truth be told, this is the only way to be
That lives the decree
Freedom is Free

For all else is but a missing piece
Not yet seen
Not quite achieved
Peace not fully believed

Or thought of as gone, overlong
A fleeting glimpse
That has left us, we conclude, forgone

Yet this is the dream
A temporary scene
We flash upon our temporal screen
That keeps us seemingly caught in-between

What was and what will be
What we'd have be
Or perhaps would rather have flee
Wishing to see or be released before we would See

The reality of You and Me
Of Us
As love's eternal We
Approached in trust

Then arrived at in the passion
Of moment to moment spiritual lust
For everything and everyone
With whom we are One

And this is it
Content with content
The results are in
We are It

copyright @ 2007 Michael Mayer