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HEAVEN #2292 God Power March 5, 2007

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HEAVEN #2292 God Power March 5, 2007

God said:

You are not of little faith. You are of great faith, only your faith has too often been misplaced. My very own children have had great faith in fear, in accidents, in misadventure, more faith perhaps than in Me. You have had faith in the news, in disaster, in sin, in war, in discomfort. You have called illusion true, factual, evident, reliable. You have expected to read bad news, been dismayed at it, and, perversely, loved the excitement of it.

Today come to Me, beloveds, in surrender. You may have considered surrender a weak thing when, all the while, surrender is great strength. It takes courage for Human Beings on Earth to admit Truth. The truth is that all is well.

In life on Earth, you are on a joy ride, and the truth is that your faith has to be in Me and not so much in the car you ride in. There is a Greater Power than the most powerful engine. There is a Greater Power than all the world wrapped into one.

Surrender doesn’t mean in the slightest that you are powerless. You have all the power within you, and that power is called God. It is God in Whom you must trust, not your individuality, not someone else’s, but the God power that is within you. This is not to make you proud, though, of course, it is something to be proud of, but it makes you humble. Great faith is great humility.

You are part of a soaring universe. All the threads are connected. You do not yet know how your presence holds the world together. Picture a grid of Tinker Toys circumferencing the world, and you will have a rough picture of how everyone and everything is connected. Despite what you think, despite what you see, there are no weak links. In strength you abide, and in your strength, the world abides.

I am at the steering wheel, and that means you are with Me.

Belief in a Greater Power is belief in Me and Our connection. It’s fine to think of Me as a God in Heaven Who looks down and smiles on you. Also know that I, through your heart, also look up and smile. This is surrender, knowing that you are nothing without Me, and knowing that you are Everything with Me.

And so you are the child of the Father and within you is the Father. You cannot escape. I am within your heart, and I am within your every cell. Like DNA, beloveds, I am an intimate part of you. Whereas your DNA may be changed, the God DNA in you cannot budge, not by an inch, not by an atom, not by anything. You have the power of God within you. Surrender. You are My Power. I am contained within you.

No longer are you to look at yourself or another as a weakling. That is great illusion. That is absurdity.

Surrender to Me then is acknowledging that your will and My Will are merged. Conceit doesn’t exist. There is nothing to be conceited about. You are the same as everyone else, no better, no less. Fear does not exist when you surrender, for where on Earth or in Heaven can fear lodge in Me? I know there is nothing to fear.

In surrender to Me, you give up the illusions you have held on to. I don’t think you want to hold on to them any longer. I think you want to be aligned with Me. So come right here. Surrender your existence to Me. Blend into Me. I am here. You are here. We are One.

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HEAVEN #2292 God Power March 5, 2007

I think this is really one of the most beautiful and intense love letters of God. Surrender to God is letting go, it is everything I think. It is by surrender, offering to God my whole being, my love and longing for Him, my emotions, my thoughts, my fears and doubts, my prayers ecc., offering Him everything, that I can feel God's love and our union.
I feel somehow that this HL really goes right to the core of my being, to my soul, it's out of time and space, it's TRUTH (I know, all HL are Truth!).
This HL is so wonderful, really only GOD, only our beloved Father can whisper such sweet and nectarine words into our hearts.
a dear hug to this Heavenletter Family !