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HEAVEN #2288 It Can Happen Anywhere March 1, 2007

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HEAVEN #2288 It Can Happen Anywhere March 1, 2007

God said:

Remembering Truth is not like remembering all the things you have on your mind to remember. Remembering Truth is a blaze of light. It is an insight that bursts forth. There is no effort to it. There is no wracking your brain. And it takes no imagination. Just as when your friend is right before you, you don’t have to imagine his presence. He is present.

The same way the sun dawns, it has dawned. And so Truth dawns on you. You are an observer of it. It just comes over the horizon at the particular moment you are right there watching. You are a watcher.

Perhaps you are in a supermarket, and you look around, and something seems different from what it was a moment ago. Everything is the same except you are not the same. Your vision is changed. There is a dimensionlessness that you see. It is as though you have a glimpse of the fleetingness of time at the same moment you glimpse the glory of Eternity. Time stands still. You see timelessness. It is like you are staring, and you cannot stop staring. Your gaze is simple, and yet it is momentous. Your hand is still on the cart. You are in the supermarket, yet that which was always ordinary has become uncanny because you are aware that you occupy the universe and no place else. Suddenly, all that has been familiar to you all your life is the oddity. Suddenly the Unknown is known, or almost known, and you are at Home with it. You experience the Reality of Eternity, and it is the mundane that has become far-fetched. It is the mundane that is unbelievable. Somehow a curtain on the mundane has been pulled aside, and you see it idly as it is.

And yet, this ray of light is only a moment of experience. The movie that was stilled for a moment starts playing again, and you push your cart and you shop, and everything is the same except you are not the same. Once again, you have almost forgotten that which is memorable. Once again, you are caught up in a movie, and yet the movie did give you pause. For a moment, you were distracted from distraction and saw the silence of life in the midst of supermarket activity.

What is this life you live anyway? And why does it seem to matter where your body is located and who is with you or not with you? Such a big deal has been made of life in the world, and for a scant second, you can’t fathom what the big deal is when it is no deal at all. It is a collage, that’s all. It is a painting. It is a still life.

For a moment, you knew you were in Vastness, and you embraced it. You couldn’t keep your eyes off it until you noticed your eyes weren’t on it. You had a recollection of Vastness. And then you have a recollection of a recollection of Vastness, for your attention returned to your shopping list. From the Infinite to the finite you have come.

You will enter Vastness again and again, and sooner and sooner, until that is where you never leave. You will be a figure moving in Vastness surrounded by other figures who move in Vastness whether they are aware of it or not. You can only actually be in Vastness, for the rest is illusion, and Vastness alone is real. You are on the playing field of Vastness, and you are the Vastest of all.

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