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HEAVEN #2289 This Beingness is Your Strength March 2, 2007

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HEAVEN #2289 This Beingness is Your Strength March 2, 2007

God said:

In actuality, you are your own sovereign self, and yet you immerse yourself in dependency. You feel dependent upon this one and that one. You feel dependent upon your physical belongings as well, as though you couldn’t live without them. Too often, you see yourself as one in need. Tell Me, is this not true that you do?

And is it not true that you feel I don’t know what it is to be a simple Human Being on Earth? You figure I must not know, or I would not say you don’t need anything but yourself. You figure I wouldn’t say such a thing. You figure I would know how much other people and their good will mean to you, and I would know how valuable is the carpet you walk on and the house you live in and the diamonds you wear. Beloveds, I do understand, and I would like you to understand that you put so much importance on all the physical bodies and objects because they cushion you. What I would like to express to you is that you need no cushioning. I well understand that you think you do. Enjoy all the people and all the physical treasures, and just know what they are not.

You lead a double life, as it were. You assign and believe in certain priorities, and your list of priorities gives you comfort. You rely on them and feel bereft without them. Your heart pangs you at the very thought of being without them. You are frightened at the idea of the very loss of your own body. You will drop off your body. Others will drop off their bodies. Houses will tumble. Carpets wear out. Diamonds are lost, but your Being, the mutual Beingness of you and the Beingness of Me are forever.

Neither rain nor snow nor slush nor volcanoes nor avalanches interfere with Our Oneness. Nothing lights a candle to it. On this you can rely. So, then, rely on it, beloveds, more than you rely on all that which is not reliable, unreliable in that it will not stay forever the same. Rely more on yourself and your God-given abilities to flourish independent of what goes on in the world.

Comfort isn’t everything, beloveds. Love in the world poured on you or withheld from you isn’t everything, for love is above all.

You are more than a subject or object in the extant world. Do not misunderstand when I say you are the ruler of it. You are the cognizer of it. You have made your own impression of the world. You have added one and one and gotten two, and yet there are other possibilities, such as all numbers add up to One.

Beloveds, the Oneness you seek is not altogether found in the world, at least not as you would like it to be and to remain. The relative world is impermanent, and its configurations change and change and change again. Change has its immutable value. Bless the relative world, and yet know that the world goes only so far, beloveds, and you are destined for further.

A cushion is only a cushion. A seat is more solid. You are seated in Heaven, and the core of you is the same as the core of Me. Believe Me when I tell you this. This Beingness is your strength and your support, and you cannot be without it. No longer need you be without awareness of it. Leap up to awareness of your strength. It is unlimited. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but you, the Truth of you, the mutual Beingness of you and the Beingness of Me, never.

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