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HEAVEN #1787 Where is the key to fit your soul?

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HEAVEN #1787 Where is the key to fit your soul? September 26, 2005

God said:

You are the blessing, and you keep looking for blessing outside of you.

You are the knowledge, and you seek knowledge outside of you. You take one course this weekend, and another the next, and you hope above hope that each course will finally be what you have been looking for and which will offer you salvation – from what you are not sure. What is it that you have to be saved from?

Or do you think that enlightenment is around the corner? It is closer than that. It is within you.

You wait for someone else to set off a spark within you. You wait to be delivered, as it were, delivered from life as you know it. You want a bigger part in the scenario you presently play in. You want to be engulfed in the flames of love. You want to soar to Heaven never to return to the humdrum life even while your feet continue to walk on Earth.

No one is going to give this to you, beloved. No matter how much you desire and how much you seek, you finally come to the door that has your name on it. This is the door you must open. It is you who has to open it to yourself.

Behind this door lie the depths of you. Behind this door lies all that you have been looking for. You have to introduce yourself to yourself. All the formalities in the world won’t do that for you. Others can give you peeks into this Greater Knowledge, but you are the only one who has the key to fit your soul.

You are learning to depend less on others. That has to be the case. Others have their agendas. They may above all desire for you that which you desire for yourself, but they cannot give it to you. They can confirm for you what you desire, but they cannot fulfill your desire. No one can. Only you and I can.

Perhaps you walk along in life like a blind man, and you hold onto a rope that will lead you where you want to go. The rope is long and winding. You tell time by the knots in the rope. You go hither and yon with great faith in this rope until another rope appears and you follow that one until you follow it no longer. All the ropes in the world can only lead back to you. You are the final universe that you are uncovering. You have hardly scratched the surface.

Someone holds your hand. They help in that way. Of course, if they hold your hand, you are holding theirs. You are helping them too.

Come to the One Who needs no help yet Who yearns for your participation. Come to the One Who thinks solely about you. Come to the One Who rests within you, ready to wake you up at the slightest nod from you. Ready to greet you. Ready to embrace you, always having embraced you. You discover that you are the one to wake up, and that you are the only one who can wake you.

You have to wake up to the fact that what you seek lies within you. You are the One to awaken yourself. You are the One Who finally wakes up to the fact that you are awake!

That your eyes are closed doesn’t mean you are asleep. You are awake with your eyes closed. Now you open your eyes. Now you look around your heart. And now you see what was always your fortune. And now you are lighted from within. And now you rest in Me as I have always rested within you.