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HEAVEN #1790 The Light You See

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HEAVEN #1790 The Light You See September 29, 2005

God said:

Let there be light. I did not say Let there be woe. I said Let there be light. And so I sent you to Earth to brighten it. No other reason. What other reason could there be?

When you let your light shine, you are following My will. Shine it you must. Shine it you will.

You shine your light, not for yourself, but for the enlightenment of the world. The world needs your light to shine. You cannot shine anyone else’s light. Only your own. Yet your light sets off other lights. That’s how it works.

You shine your light according to your vision, yet you shine more light than the belief you hold for yourself. Despite your limited opinion, your light shines. You continue My light on Earth.

It is light alone that holds up the universe. Light is vital. The light from the sun and the stars is amazing, yet it is lesser light than yours. Begin to have an idea how bright your light is. I see it wherever I go. Your light is My light returned. You simply return My light to Me. It is like a comet. All eyes look to My light as it courses through the sky, My light in you.

Whether you are oblivious to it or not, My light in you shines. You cannot turn My light off, but you can turn it up and you can keep it bright. It is no big deal for My light to shine through you, and yet it is what matters, and you make a big deal of it, as if you were incapable. You are reserved about it. You are light-shy. Now recognize that you are a Being of Light. Light and love are interchangeable. My light is the light of love. It is not a production. It is natural light.

You are a firefly that never stops.

Your light is universal. It doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to the gift of life. It is the gift of life.

You who were conceived in Heaven are born of My light. What would you expect to do on Earth but shine? Did this thought just occur to you?

You do not light up the Earth with fanfare. It is not that, as you enter a room, all eyes turn to you. It is that the room becomes brighter because of your presence. No one has to credit you, but you can credit yourself. Have awareness of the light you shine. Shine it for all its worth. Shine it for Me. Our light is worth a great deal.

This arrangement is between you and Me. All you have to do is to shine My light. You do not have to announce it. You do not have to say: “Everyone, notice my light. I shine it for you.” You silently light. It is not for you to be noticed. It is for your light to shine. Your being noticed is a by-product. By the light of your light, everyone sees their own. Maybe their light was in a pocket, but now they pull it out and shine it too. Light can only light. It can light up a whole room. It can light up the whole universe. You trigger light. You set it off. Soon there will be an explosion of light like you have never seen before.

Light is going on all over the world. And it is never going to dim again.

Soon you are going to wake up to a new world. You will be in a daze of light. The light was always there, but now you will see it. You will see it as you never have before. You will see it for the first time, and you will see that you are the light you see.