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Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

Hallo ihr lieben Freunde in der Deutsch-sprachigen Welt,
Wie schön, dass ich euch gefunden habe! Danke für all deine Liebe und Mühe, Veronika, aber ich meine, dass es doch langsam Zeit wird, dass auch einmal jemand Anders einen Beitrag zum Deutschen Heavenletters macht. Hoffentlich seid ihr Besucher auch dieser Meinung.

Diejenigen unter euch, die die englische Sprache gut beherrschen, lade ich hiermit zum Besuch meiner website ein. Wem das nicht zusagt, wie wäre es mit Dort gibt es einen Link, den mir meine deutsche Freundin Anke geschenkt hat, mit dem Titel:


Mit Licht und Liebe,

Du Selbst Bist Das Licht Dieser Welt


Und so lang du dies nicht hast,
Dieses Stirb’ und Werde,
Bist du nur ein trüber Gast
Auf der dunklen Erde.
‚Seliges Verlangen’

Aber wenn du endlich wieder zum Bewusstsein
Deines wahren Seins erwachst,
Dann leuchtet in dir dein eigenes inneres Licht.
Dann bist du das Licht dieser Welt,
Das in der Dunkelheit scheint
Und ihr hilft, sich aufzulösen,
Damit Allen geholfen wird, ihren eigenen Weg
Wieder zurück nach Hause zu finden
In das Bewusstsein unser Aller wahren Seins
Und in unsere innere Heimat, die uns niemals verloren ging.

Dann weisst du aus eigener Erfahrung
Und kannst aus vollem Herzen sagen:
Ich bin das Licht dieser Welt;
Ich bin das Lichtlein, das erwacht
In der dunklen Winternacht
Unserer übermateriell gewordenen Welt.
Ich bin das Lichtlein, das zu neuem Leben erwacht ist
Und sich jetzt darum bemüht,
Hand in Hand mit unserer Mutter und ihren Engeln
Die Erde zu beschützen,
Um zusammen mit unserem Vater
Alles was sich in unserer Welt befindet, zu segnen und zu heilen.

© Aquarius 2007


Might you like to help translate Heavenletters into Deutsch?

Dear Veronika is tied up in a new job right now.

Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

Dear Gloria,
I am very sorry indeed not to be able to oblige, but I am so tied up with editing some more material for my website that I really do not have the time. If it was not for that, I would be more than happy to help.

With love - Aquarius


Thank you for your gracious reply.
You contribute a lot on this forum, dear one.

Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

Thank you, Gloria, and God bless you. I have something really beautiful for you today, which I will post in a moment to 'Other Spiritual Messages'. Do you love sharing, as much as I do? To me, there's no greater joy in this life than that, so I will do a bit more of it - NOW!

With love - Aquarius

Translation into Deutsch ?

Dear Gloria, dear VeroniKa,
well.. I am German by birth and know it quite well. I did think of offer my help for german HL sometimes but then the italian translations are so very beautiful.
I can translate some into german, but I would like VeroniKa or other german speaking angel (like Aquarius ??) to have a look and make the necessary corrections. I don't think they would be fit to be immediately placed on the forum. If it's ok for you we can try and see if it works.
a dear hug to all of you !!


Hot diggity! This is so wonderful of you.

Follow your heart, dear one. I know you've been doing some of the Italian translations as well.

Post this under Translator's Corner if you will, angel.

I'll make sure Veronika sees it, and hopefully she will help. And I am guessing Aquarius will see it for herself here.

And I will do the flags now for Heaven News so that's one less thing for you, angel.

Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

Dear Berit and Gloria,
If you, Berit, do the translation and send me a copy by private e-mail, I will have a look at it and if it does not turn out to be too time-consuming a job, I will have a go. Please, do not use my hotmail address for this purpose, but the one I use for more private contacts; Gloria has it, so please get in touch with her when you have got the first item ready.

How does that sound to you?
With love - Aquarius

Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

Dear Aquarius, it's ok for me. I will make a try and send it your private mail. If you want you can send from that adress mail to:

berit [dot] delaini [at] boschrexroth [dot] it

so I have it and can send you translation to be corrected as soon as available. Many thanks for offering your help !
love and blessings to you.

dear Gloria, I hope this is ok for you. If there's anything you might suggest or tell let me know.

lots of love and blessings to you !

Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

Dear Berit,
That's even better; I will send you a direct e-mail to your address, so you can take mine to file and send me your translation, when it's ready.

Love - Aquarius

Aquarius and Berit

Thank you both enormously.

Berit, you know where to send the translations and how to format them?

God bless you two!

With love,


Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

Dearest Gloria,
did send Aquarius the translation for check and correction.
No, I don't know how to send and format them.
I suppose just opening a "New Topic" on this German forum is not the right way ? :?

Many thanks for your help and instructions :D

Love and blessings

Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

Just received your e-mail, Berit, so will have a look what I can do for this particular 'Himmels-Brief'. When it is ready - do you want me to post it, Gloria? If so, where and how please?

With love - Aquarius


Dear One,

Maybe you would send it Berit? She knows, or will ask Paula. I'm in a time-crunch right now, angel.

God bless you a thousand times over.

Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

Dear Aquarius,
again many many thanks. if it's not a problem for you I would like you to send the corrected HL tp both my email adresses, because there's just a chance that I fill get my pc at home fixed :lol: 8)

1) berit [dot] delaini [at] boschrexroth [dot] it
2) bdelaini [at] fastwebnet [dot] it

love and blessings to you dear !!!

Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

So am I - God bless you - and I will post it to Berit when it's ready.

With love - Aquarius

Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

Dear Gloria,
I sent the finished translation yesterday to Berit, but have not yet received any confirmation. If my mail has gone astray somehow, please let me know and I shall send the file again. With love - Aquarius

Beloved Aquarius

If Berit's home computer isn't fixed yet, she has access only to her work computer and probably won't get it until Monday.

I have been looking for that beautiful paragraph she posted about her experience translating, and I can't seem to find it. So I am waiting for an answer from her too.

Europe is about eight hours ahead of us, so we may not have to wait that long!

Love ya!

Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

Dear Gloria, dear Aquarius,

I am writing from my home pc now :lol: :wink: 8) ,
hope it will last a bit now... wanted to wait to see if it worked properly before telling anyone.
dear Aquarius, I didn't receive any mail from you, maybe I did make typing error:

bdelaini [at] fastwebnet [dot] it

Gloria, I really was wondering about what I have written about translating, I mean are you sure it was me ?. You know, I'm laughing all for my own, can you immagine, me not knowing if I did write something or not ?? I must take some Phosphor for memory !!! Well anyway, just reading or translating is different, it goes deeper, you have to make some brainwork (as far as equipped with.... ) and most of all "heart work", if you want to bring God's words into another language. it's a blessing, it's a real blessing, it's like a Christmas present from God.

a dear hug to both !!!!


Wasn't it you who wrote about your experience of translating? How it was more than translating words? I could swear it was you!

But I've been mistaken before!

Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

From my own experience of translating, I can tell you that it takes a great deal more than merely knowing what words mean in another language. The only way you can bring about a really good translations is through having a thorough grip of the topic under discussion. To me, that is the most important requisite, apart from a first class knowledge of both languages. When I am translating, I feel how my own inspiration also kicks in and revels in the work we are doing together.

A few years back, I wanted to translate my own astrological files from the English language into German. I did abandon that attempt very quickly, because it just didn't work! So, I simply started re-writing the Astro files in German - and the inspiration that came flooding in was amazing! In the end, the German files were better than their English counterparts; they had far more depth. That changed, when after several years in Germany, I returned to the English speaking world and my website came into being.

As the Sun moved through the zodiac, during one whole year, I updated every file and posted it on the website; they all grew and grew, becoming ever more inspired! They are now by far the most popular part of my website. Now, I have started to update those files again. The Sun in Pisces was the first one in this new cycle - although the Sun in Aries is the beginning of the astrological year. When the Sun moves into this sign on March 21, I shall update that one. And so on and so forth - my friends all over the world just love it. To me, this kind of work is a labour of live and when people enjoy it and get some benefit from it, that's what makes it all worthwhile, don't you think?

With love and light,

Freunde In Der Deutsch-Sprachigen Welt

P.S. I have just posted the Heavenletters file to your personal e-mail address, Berit - hope it arrives safely.

With love - Aquarius