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HEAVEN #2269 Inner Life February 10, 2007

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HEAVEN #2269 Inner Life February 10, 2007

God said:

Happiness in the relative world is only relative. Happiness in the world goes up and down like a boat in the ocean or a toy boat in the bathtub, dependent upon the waves. The happiness that goes beyond worldly events exists in one note alone. It sits very still, and yet it vibrates at a fast pace, too fast for the eye to see. The happiness that is within is quiet, doesn’t move, and yet it breaks all boundaries. There is no place for the happiness within to move to. It knows it is surrounded on all sides. It meets happiness on all sides. So it neither stays still nor does it move. It simply is, and it overtakes all.

Happiness is not exactly the right word. There is no right word for this enveloping sweetness I speak of. You breathe it in, and you breathe it out, and you don’t even have to breathe it. It is all there anyway. It is all-encompassing. Within and without, you are filled with it, this sweetness of your inner life that includes the expanse of all the farthest reaches. There is no outside. There is only inside, but it can’t be called inside because it is the realm of Heaven, and there is no outside for it to be inside of.

We are betrothed, you and I. We have exchanged rings of love. We circulate love. All the world is entwined in it. All that is not the world issues it. And all that is not the world is also intricately entwined in it. Everything is embroiled in this love that is more than exchanged. It is incumbent. Everyone and everything is filled with it. No exchange is possible due to the fullness that already is. There is always more that can fit in, and yet it is already full, and no more can enter, and yet it does. It is supreme. It grows and grows. It has already grown. It is huge. The whole universe collapses into it.

This happiness that exists and is considered deep within has no word good enough for it. Ecstasy does not begin to say. The word love falls short. Even the word God does not say it, close but yet not it. Only the grace that the words try to proclaim does not fall short. This Beingness of love leaves no room for words. It is inexplicable, the quality of this life and love energy that exist within, and within you.

The holes in love that seem to exist are illusion that holds fast, yet illusion nevertheless. Anything that is not beautiful is illusion. And all the physical beauty is also illusion even as it portrays Truth. Only the essence of Truth and Beauty are not illusions. Everything really exists beyond the world, beyond theory, and yet it is abstract. It is love abstracted. It is love in its seed energy form. It is love even before it has burst forth. It is the center of love from which there is no outer. There is only Oneness of love, beloveds. We come back again and again to Oneness. Oneness is supreme, and there is nothing apart from it, so there is nothing to describe. There is only love to behold, and love to immerse in.

There is only love. There is only the existence of love. This love is experienced in your heart. It is experienced in the silence of your heart, and yet is not experienced. It is known. It is known near and far, even though states of nearness and farness do not exist. There is no beginning and no end to love. There is no within it. There is no without it. There is only it. It cannot be plucked. It cannot be driven away. It cannot go anywhere but where it already is.

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Post from Bernie Siegel

This was in response to HEAVEN #2269 Inner Life February 10, 2007

This is a letter I wrote to someone who was experiencing loss. I wrote:

“A friend of mine does Heaven letters every day. A sample follows. Let her know if you'd like to receive them.

“They may help you to understand that God didn't make a perfect world to give our lives meaning

and to leave decisions and choices about what to do with the pain and for those experiencing it to us.

Yes, I question God all the time, but the truth is we all die, so what are you going to do today?

“Choose love and watch what you experience. Choose despair and you create a dark world because

you have eliminated the light.

“One of our beloved cats, Dickens, died yesterday at age 14. He was like a child to us though

I know it cannot compare to your loss and divorce.

“The house seems empty even though there are 6 other animals here.

“I brought him home to die wrapped in a blanket the vet gave me.

“When I opened the blanket to wash it after Dickens died with us loving him, I saw

printed on the blanket the words "life is good" and a picture of a smiling boy.

“That blanket was no accident, and so Dickens lies in his grave in our yard with a flower placed on his stone.

I will always be looking for flowers to place there and see the beauty because of him.

“Don't put out your loved one’s candle with your tears.”