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Dear Cre8miracle,

On behalf of everyone, welcome!

Would love to read posts from you. Perhaps you would tell us about your spiritual journey! And it would be great to read your comments in response to what other people post.

Looking forward!

Blessings and love, Gloria


[size=18]It is a pleasure to be here and the energy and love I feel coming from everyone here is truly magnificent. I look forward to having more time to take a good look around this site.
Gloria, how beautiful your words are each morning. I can't tell you how many of your letters I have forwarded and printed and shared. Thank you for the light you shine.

Namaste, Barbara[/size]


Dear Barbara,

What a beautiful response from you, darling!

Please post to your heart's content.

I can't wait to read what a heart as big as yours posts!

With love and blessings,