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Really amazing I have now some really lovely new friendHeaven Letters aswell as other sites on line. Each of them whether they know it or not are very special to me. I think it is important to tell our family and friends how much they mean to us.

It is very interesting about Blame. It is something I used to do and is one of the things that I am letting go. This year started to do a course called Rejoice in 2007.

This year I am determined that I am meant to live my life with health, joy and happiness. I am convinced that the way we think is extremely important. I did not realise until recently how negative I have been in my life. I think it is the best thing I have done to accept that I do not want to live that depressing and sad way anymore. Thinking positively makes such a lot of difference. Peace, Joy and Happiness everyday. How wonderful can that be.


It is great to be walking to God along with everyone here.

Many blessings.

Walking together

Dear Daisy.
I too have been experiencing that changing our way to think, our
inner attitude, step by step also our life changes. Sometimes it may seem
that nothing has changed or that we make a step backwards, but if our
goal is clear, little by little things really improve.

Dear Gloria,
that's really IT ! (what you are saying I mean). We all are walking towards God, each in his or her personal way, but WE WALK TOGETHER. If someone falls or is in need of help we can do this with all our love, may be next time it's us who need some kind of help, what ever it may be. In fact we are just one big family, God's family.

So .... a dear hug to this wonderful Heavenletter family!