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Technical Difficulties

This message is to Andracin;

I am experinceing various technical difficulties.
Either, I post and they are not received , or I am unable to access and register on the forum.

How does this work??

It is exceedingly intersting nonetheless.
Yet, it becomes highly frustrating as well, when one is placing the time and attention to the Letters and these Spiritual issues and the post e-mail notifications are not accessible, or say no posts exist, when the previous screen states otherwise.

"Thanks" fro your immediate attention to the matter Andracin(What a great name!What does it mean??).

A la justizia...e sempre LA Dolce Vita.


Any insight on the matter(both metaohysically and practically???(LOL)!!!.


Dear One,

How sorry we are that you are experiencing technical difficulties.

It is encouraging that you were able to post under this section!

It is so frustrating when things don't work the way we want and are supposed to.

Adrachin is out of town until Thursday. Maybe there is some way he can get to this. And I will alert Kirt as well in case he can do something.

Will you try again to post? I know you have some very beautiful things to share with us.

God bless you.

With love,