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Source of Heavel Letters?

What is the source of Heaven Letters? Who is this "God" that speaks to us? Is it the primogenitor of the universe, is it Gloria's higher self, is it a God-realized person, is it an ascended master?

Over the years my concept of God has evolved, and it is much different today than it was when I was a child. Today I do not see God as an individual. In fact, one could make a case that God is the antithesis of an individual. I currently lean toward the idea that God is the totality of all that is or, as some say, the All. If this all-inclusive view of God is correct, then who is it that speaks through Gloria, and why do Heaven Letters begin with "God said"?

When I first found Heaven Letters, I didn't pay any attention to who God was, I was just grateful for the beautiful and profound wisdom that was coming through Gloria. But over the last couple of months I've noticed an inconsistency in the quality of God's writing. Sometimes there are mixed metaphors, tortured allegories, redundancy, and sometimes a given Heavenletter has seemed less than profound. Did God do his/her share of partying over the holidays? I don't mean any disrespect here, but let's get real about who God is.

Would he/she perhaps be willing to identify him/herself?

Love, Joy & Peace,

Source of Heavel Letters?

I think that nobody can answer your question better than Gloria, but I wish to say anyway what's my point of view.

I used to believe in an angry old man sitting on the clouds and judging my every movement. This is the image the Lutheran religion gives of God. After many years and having passed through total denial and exalted adoration, my understanding is that God is the Creator of the Universe. He encompasses it all, and looks into it from outside. But at the same time, He is inside every thing that's created, for without Him nothing that was made, is made. So, from this point of view, anyone or anything is an expression of God, and thus, anyone who speaks is God speaking.

I remember an example of this that is forever impressed in my mind from Yogananda's autobiography. At one point, he tells about a meeting with Babaji, the immortal guru, who promised to stay on Earth eventhough he's a highly evolved master. Well, to make it short, as I remember it: Babaji had decided to leave the Earth for the higher realms, but first he went to meet his sister. And his sister asked him to stay on the Earth and Babaji said: As God through your mouth asks me to remain, I will obey His will. - I don't remember it very well, but what struck me was that a highly evolved being accepted the words of a person as God's words. - So I realized that I must listen to everyone carefully, because in a certain sense, it is God who speaks to me.

Of course, there's the problem of the ego, which is an illusion, but nevertheless real to us. (This would need a long discourse to be explained which is not the case here, I think.) But when we refine our discernment, we can realize when it's the ego speaking.

Now, as regards Heavenletters, I am quite sure it is God speaking to us. It doesn't matter through which higher being, an ascended master or Gloria's higher Self. It's still God speaking. I've had my doubts about Heavenletters, but they've been always dispelled just by the messages and the words contained in the Letters. Every time, God managed to surprise me and I just had to admit it was God speaking. And I think that the latest Heavenletters are more profound than ever. I was going to write to Gloria about this, as it seems to me that after her journey to Europe, the Messages are getting more and more significative.

Of course, there are some Heavenletters I consider 'lighter', or less profound, but I think God knows what everyone of us needs and not all Letters are meant for everyone. But there are lots where to find what we need in every moment. Any messages that arrive from above, are naturally 'flavoured' by the consciousness of the one who receives them, but Gloria is one of the purest 'channels' I know. And I truly know many.

As for me, it is undoubtedly God who speaks through these Letters. And evenif it were not so, what does it matter, if these messages help people open their hearts.

With sincere love,

Source of Heavel Letters?

I'd say God can be found within the very same Kathleen Anderson who started this thread, minus the ego of course. The ego loves convincing you that you're separate from Oneness. The ego loves using you as a pawn to try to convince the readers of this forum that they must be in the dark, and that you must be somebody who's on to something. I hope you don't let the ego's stronghold keep you from reading HeavenLetters, as I believe eventually you'll find it's actually you that's moving forth from the shadows.

Source of Heavel Letters?

" To find Me, you have to be amongst those who know and believe,

of my presence at all times.

I encourage you to be in sathsangh (=good company) always.

Surround yourself with those who have chosen to be truly Godward.

Be amongst those whose eyes show contentment, whose lips only utter

sweet and comforting words, whose acts show My indwelling with

certainty. The mind has to be trained to be quiet, and devoid of thoughts

at all times. Meditation has to be practiced daily, as a sadhana (=spiritual

practise) to quiet the mind. God speaks only when the mind is quiet,

only when you lose your own identity, your ego, and when you recognize

your indwelling divinity within you"

From: "Sai Darshan" by Seema M. Devan

Honest Expression

Wow, your comments are amazing. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. One could become enlightened just by reading your comments.

I want to thank Kathleen for saying what she thought and creating this opportunity for the rest of us to clarify our own thoughts. It's okay not to agree on everything, isn't it?

I do want to say that has a Q and A page, and much of what it says there addresses Kathleen's question.

With blessings and love,


Source of Heavel Letters?

I find a little nugget of wisdom in even the most lighthearted of letters.

Sometimes it is just a word or phrase, but it always seems to fit with
what is going on in my mind or around me.

Sometimes the messages may not be for the person reading it,
but for someone you will meet later. In that case, pass it on.

Bless us all
to help, to heal, to love

Source of Heavel Letters?

Oops, not sure why it posted twice.



It happens!

Maybe we're supposed to read your beautiful posting twice! (Although I saw it only once!)

With love and blessings,


Source of Heavel Letters?

I want to think everyone for their kind and generous replies.

Paula said she thought the latest Heaven Letters have been more profound than ever. That has been my experience as well. As regards some of the Heaven Letters of the last month or two, perhaps, as with wine or coffee, it was the taste in my mouth that determined my enjoyment or lack thereof. Perhaps I was the one who did too much partying over the holidays.

Thank you all.

Love, Joy & Peace,