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HEAVEN #2241 Love Generously January 13, 2007

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HEAVEN #2241 Love Generously January 13, 2007

God said:

This about love and attachment is very tricky for My beloved children. Any condition you make reveals attachment. Any outcome you desire and insist on comes from attachment. Have the desire and let go of it at the same time. Love will free others from having to fulfill your needs and wants.

This does not mean making a doormat of yourself. It is not your love at any cost to you. It is love without cost to you or anyone. I have told you that love is an intention. Have the intention now to love without requirements. You can love from near or afar. Let your love be placed as a removable sticker and not as a tattoo.

No one is to be indebted to your love. Your love is to run freely, and it is to be free. No one has to pay for it. Love is just supposed to be given. Perhaps this is a more impersonal love, not a love that has to be requited, not a love that you think your well-being is dependent on.

Whatever cloying love may do to another, the crux is what it does to you, beloved. When you attach your love, you are saying that another is responsible for the love in your heart. You are saying you have to have their love. Beloveds, you have to have the love in your own heart, and you have to have Mine. My love is enough for all of us, of course, yet when you make your love dependent upon another’s love or demonstration of love, then you have blocked your own love. When you block your own love, you can be sure you block another’s love for you. You tighten the screws, as it were.

As you love today, love generously and do not glue your love to anyone. Let your love and their love fall as lightly as butterflies’ wings. Love is not to be locked in, for then it is made a prisoner. There are to be no bars and no chains to love.

Every day release your attachment to your loved ones the way you would let go of balloons and see them rise up into the sky. Let your love rise, beloveds.

No one has to love in any way but the way they do, and their love does not have to be locked in. In fact, love let free is more likely to find its way back to you. You have freed it to come back. Letting love go makes it easier for love to be requited.

Love does not like to be commanded nor demanded. Love does not like to be told what it must and must not do. Love is not a will-o-the-wisp, and yet it not to be cemented in. You are unattached to love, and you let others’ love also be unattached. Love must choose its own destination. Love must be allowed to surf as it wishes. Love has a mind of its own. Love, yours or another’s, is not a horse to be reined in.

You may think that loving without attachment is restraining your love. No, you are restraining your attachment to love and therefore letting love fly. You are truly freeing love, making more of it, not less.

No one has to call you today. No one has to email you today. No one has to send you flowers. There is no one you have to hear from. Your love is not dependent upon anyone but you, beloveds. Love is. Just let it be what it is without interference. Just love without holding on. Just love. Just love.

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