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Re: Jan. 4 Heavenletter

I sent this comment to Gloria and she asked that I post it here. Any comments??

All I can say is WHEN????
I am love starved and this is a love starved world - when is this
change going to happen????? It is so hard to keep putting out love when
so little flows back.....


Re: Jan. 4 Heavenletter

What most beautiful Heavenletter (... but then I love them all, how not love God's loving messages??). This is what is meant with paradise I think, this is the new era, the golden era.
I think this will be when we all have total awareness of our divinity and when we life permanently connected to divinity, we well indeed be like God, for He is giver, He gives like the sun, He gives and gives and gives, without ever thinking of any return or reward.
... at least that's how I feel about paradise.
a dear hug!