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I gotta be free

Today, I remembered...

I gotta be free.

I won't bore you with the whole zig-zagging thought loop that brought me
to this glistening truth. Let's just say that we have to be ever
vigilant against accumulating such things as bad ideas, icky people,
nasty situations, undesired possessions and excess weight.

I don't care for guns or war movies and never really understood the
so-called warrior mentality. Now I think I do. As so brilliantly said
in the Pogo cartoon by Walt Kelley many years ago, "we have seen the
enemy and they is us."

While this quote has many meanings, I'll zero in on one. We have to
fight or resist or wait out our lower nature that is willing to settle
for just any old crap as long as it's easy and doesn't hurt with the
sword of our higher nature which knows better.


We gotta be free.

That's what Heavenletters are saying all the time! Free from the past. Free from anything that keeps us from our true nature of love.

Nice to hear from you!

With love and blessings,