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Most honoured !

:) Hi to all members of this forum !
I am from Portugal , with wife and 2 kids ,
living in the south , Algarve region .

It feels great to me amongst like-minded people ,
however spread all over God´s earth with no
obstruction , barriers or borders , ain´t it Great ?

I feel most honoured to associate with heavan
letters , most of all With a friend like You Gloria .
Have an amazing new 2007 !
God`s blessings to You and all associates .

Regards ,
Mark White .

Mark White!

Dear dear Mark,

What a beautiful introduction of yourself! What you write makes me want to hop a plane right to Portugal.

Thank you for posting and giving us a chance to welcome you.

I am happy and honored to be your friend.

God bless you always.

May all your dreams come true.

Looking forward to more postings from you!

With love, Gloria

Most honoured !

Dear Mark,
also to you and your family my best wishes
for a wonderful 2007, full of love and joy!!
I live in Milan with my two sons, so geografically
we are quite "near".
it's ever so true what you say about being
like-minded although spread around the whole
world! it's really like a family with one giant heart
of love, it embraces all and everyone.
My best wishes for this new near and
a dear hug!