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I need a prayer.

:( I don'nt know if it is proper or not to ask for prayers from others but I'm asking.

I suffer from severe bi-lateral ear disease that is costing me my hearing and causes without warning severe vertigo attacks that has caused me to be a prisoner of my home. I have reason to believe that the problem is from a back injury and surgery but Dr.s will not listen.

God bless you for your help, Jerry Stolarski


Dear Jerry,

I bet you're right. I bet this was from what you think it was. It's like when a mother knows something about her child, the doctor doesn't pick up on it, and the mother turns out to be right.

I like Rev John Adams for prayer.
Also Unity. I can't find the phone number right now, but I will find it for you.
Also, I think very highly of Dr. Sha. He has a three-minute healing blessing every day. You'll find that at the bottom of the home page.

I have had vertigo, and it is no picnic.

Let us know how you are.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

Response to Jerry

Dear Jerry,
Please don't even think about whether it it "proper" to ask another for a prayer of healing. Even before you ask it is given to you. All you need do is have a thought about what you desire and there it is if you allow it to flow to you. I will send out my thoughts of healing and well being to you.

It sounds to me that you do not have much faith and trust in the doctors you are currently seeing. Please consider seeing someone else and if you can find doctors that treat not only the body but recognize the connection with spirit I think you will find the answers you are seeking. Also try and let go of any blame for what you are experiencing. Let us know how you are progressing on your healing journey.

sending you light and love,