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Heaven 1853

I was translating Heaven #1853, The Golden Light, and there's an expression I don't quite understand:

But you are no longer circling the wagons. You are where you want to be..

Does anyone know what exactly it means?

I love your questions about translating!

Circling the wagons

In the pioneer days, the pioneers would put their wagons in a circle for protection. It was preparation. I am going to guess that God means we don't have to circle the wagons. We don't have to prepare. All is in readiness now.

You know I hear these images, and I write them down, but I don't always know exactly what they mean!

Does this help at all?

With love and blessings,


Heaven 1853

Oh, yes, this helps a lot. I was thinking of the railway wagons and it just didn't make any sense to me. Now it's perfectly clear.
Thankyou, Gloria.