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Thanks to the translators

This is a message I received from a man called Gino, who says he received this text from Jo (as he calls Jesus), while he was writing an email to me:

What you are doing is a prelude to something magnificent and great. Your translations are your way of giving of yourselves to others and your way of passing your immense love to others. You are as important as those who have the talent of writing. Without your translations, everything would be available only for few. Believe me your work is an enormous light for so many. There are so many people who every morning wait anxiously for your translations, and in the silence of their hearts thank you and love you for what you are doing, even without knowing you personally. Be blessed for ever, with brotherly love, Jo“

Jesus through Gino

Dear Paula,

I feel the authenticity here. I feel the vision and the vastness.

Is there any way this could be expressed better?

And how wonderful of Gino to bless us all with what he has been blessed with.

With love and blessings,