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Dear friends,


We are once again happy to send you this message about International Volunteers Day (IV Day) December 5 which we celebrated on 4th and 5th December, 2006 that turned out well.

On December 4, 2006 we had ‘Service Oriented Program (SOP).’ The SOP was done with the active collaboration of Hindu Vidyapeeth Nepal School (HVP), Balkumari. The student of class 8 and 9 were keen and were very happy to pick up the non-degradable substances around the vicinity of school and nearby local temple; Balkumari and environs public places releasing the message of harmfulness of non-biodegradables in the environment to the public. Volunteering offers experiences that can add to career prospects and many employers value volunteering experience. And we must truly say that the students of HVP were not only career oriented while they were serving their community but their selflessness could be seen when they without hesitation were picking up even biodegradable stuffs and putting them in the pit to make our mother earth a better place to live.

We are also happy to disseminate the true volunteerism through a program ARP on the very day of IV Day December 5, 2006 at Shanti Sewa Ashram (SSA). Around 75 youngsters from different colleges and organizations of the Kathmandu valley joined the ‘Awareness Raising Program (ARP)’ where Dr. Chintamani Yogi cleared the true meaning and vision with mission of volunteerism and made youth vigorous and encouraged youth to have purposeful living. As Buddha said ‘Appa Dipo Bhawa’ Dr. Yogi strived his level best to make youth learn to Respect Oneself to Respect Other. And it is true that until and unless one can’t disclose one’s own potentiality to try to serve other becomes vein.

The members of YSP (Mridu Shrestha, Neeti Aryal, Sujan B.K., Prabin Gautam, Satyata Shrestha, Minakshi Yogi, Laxman Panthi, Prabuddha Yogi, Prasiddha Yogi, Prakash Bhattarai, Dinesh Dhakal, Jagannath Kandel, as well the member of World Spirit Youth Council Nepal) very dynamically facilitated the interaction session where the youth energetically participated and reached to the conclusion that the right attitude is needed for the change. The participants also prayed for the world peace.

We would hearty like to thank Dr. Yogi who helped as a role model in the program, all the energetic youth who selflessly worked and participated and HVP school.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

ysp nepal

mridu shrestha, neeti aryal khanal, ganesh mishra, abhishek k.c., deepa yogi, dinesh dhakal, jagannath