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Vibration. A Request from God

As we all seem to be busy preparing for Christmas, I wanted to share with you this message from God through Yael Powell.
With deepest Love,

Dearest Friends:

We here at Circle of Light have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including to any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information.

In deepest Love and with heart-felt blessings to all, Yael, Doug and ShannaPra at CIRCLE OF LIGHT

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell at

Vibration. A Request from God11-30-06

As the light pouring into the world increases, it sends forth a call, asking who on Earth can feel this, can recognize it and claim it as their own, and anyone who does so receives the greatest blessing and the most assistance in raising the vibration to Home – to the glorious realms of Love and light of which you are made.

So, beloved ones, today I come to you and speak to you of vibration, and I send forth a plea to all of you once again, to deeply commit to raising your vibration constantly, to bringing your vibrational level in resonance with the realms of light, because as you know already, vibration is everything. It is the universal language of the Spirit. It is that which creates the magnet which brings forth the symbols of your life, and it is that which either creates the veil (if the vibration moves into duality), or it is that which opens the door to you, to your life as the living Christ.

But the reason that I come to you again today to speak of vibration, to all of you, is that it is far too easy for all of you to allow your vibration to sink to the level of the old world, and for your focus to remain on life on Earth. The moment that you do this, beloved ones, you are casting your vote for the world, for the world that you live in, yes, and for the world that is coming into view. Because, every Now Moment as the light comes, it takes measure of your heart and impeccably creates before you, all around you, those things that correspond with the magnetic resonance, the vibration of your heart and your consciousness.

So I want to tell you that it is worth every effort to wrest your vibration away from the old world levels of resonance and into the realms of light. I want you to consider the percentage of your time that you spend in the Real, and the time that you spend in upliftment, in joy, and the time that you spend feeling Love, sending Love and giving of all that you Really are.

I want you to consider this carefully because, as you do, you will see what you vote for and, dearest ones, I am afraid you will find that most of you are still voting for the old world the majority of the time. Over fifty one percent. It is not because you don’t know that the New World is there, and not because you aren’t willing to work for it. It is not because you don’t know how important your focus is. It is only that you become lazy and cease to put forth the effort that it takes to align your vibration with the light.

“I Am the light of the world.” I recently gave you these words and asked you to make them your Reality. Well, to do this you must shift your vibration into the resonance of the realms of light, the realms of light and Love, the realms of pure ecstasy and joy. Dearest ones, you cannot do this if your focus is on the old world situations at all. Now I know that these old world situations are still with you, and for some of you they are all too real.

Yet I feel certain that when you acknowledge the pure language of vibration, you will understand that what I ask of you is simple and clear – to place your focus on that which you choose to create. Not that which you are leaving behind. So, you ask Me how to do this when the old world still surrounds you, when it swirls and tugs and pulls at your consciousness and your heart -- when the bills still must be paid, when the body doesn’t function perfectly, when your relationships are not yet perfect, not expressing your true heart.

You ask Me how to do this, how to shift your focus totally to being the Love and the light that you are, and that you are to embody here on Earth. What I want to tell you today is that vibration is now the way to do this, not attempting to place your focus on some image of the New World perfection, and not attempting to tear your focus away from the things of the old world in front of you. Because…that resistance is creative in itself.

Rather, beloved ones, what I ask of you is that you feel the light and feel the glorious Love and feel the arrival of the great stream of light coming now from the Moment of Creation. By your intention, by your will held deeply in Mine, you can raise your vibration now until it matches the Real. Beloved ones, until it matches what is truly in your heart. I promise you that because there is so much assistance, you will easily begin to feel your resonance each moment and be able to track the vibration of your heart and your consciousness as you raise up the vibration of your life into the Vertical Now and reconnect with this purity of My Love. With the truth of who you are in Me.

So if an old world situation is in front of you or is tugging at your emotions or your mind, I ask you to feel the resonance lifting up as it is meant to do as you align yourself with the one true light, and let everything shift in your view, until you are seeing only the Real. Seeing the Real, feeling the Love, feeling the vibration of the Real, of that pure high clear resonance does not deter you from taking care of what is needed in your life, but keeps before you and within you the resonance that you want to create now.

As like attracts like, as your hearts are magnetic, then the vibration that you hold will draw more of itself to you and very quickly, you will find that the pure light escalates, and the ecstasy and the joy begin. Before you know it, even that which is before you will change and the symbols of your life will come forth from a clear heart. You will be stepping into your role as the living Christ here on Earth.

Let this light pour through you and wash you – wash you clean of the old world point of view. Let My Love come and make of your heart a new adventure, and of your life a glorious gift. You in turn shall return to humanity as the magnetic center of the world you create, as you coalesce the electrons of light around your pulsing and vibrating heart.

I Am calling forth pure Love as you. Thank you, beloved one, for this recognition that you are at choice every day, that the living light of God I Am becomes embodied now in you, as you, as the light of the world, and that light is you. So, make your connection to Me and to the Moment of Creation and then, allow your heart to be an open conduit. Letting your little self, your ego mind, your identity disappear, let Love create the vehicle that is you, that I might make of your heart a glorious magnet for bringing Real Love back into view here in the world.

Every moment your vibration counts. Let Me say this to you again, beloved ones. Every moment your vibration counts. It is calling to you this very now those things that are of like resonance, pulling them into view as you and through you as the world. So, as well as using your Twin Flame heart for these purposes to lift up our precious ones, and to bring them into view, please remember that when the call comes, your heart is meant to answer. How it answers is by lifting up the vibration and connecting with the Moment of Creation itself.

You are the light of the world. You are the glorious I Am. No matter what the ego mind’s goal is, please don’t let it pull your focus elsewhere into the story of your life on Earth, but rather, keep walking forth, shining. Very consciously raise your vibration again and again, every Now Moment until you bring the New World into view.

So now, beloved ones, I ask you to practice taking the time to move deeply into your heart, and opening your heart wide. Let your heart send the resonance of everything that is before you as your life, including your body. Once you have done this, then you will recognize just where your signal is.

There is a great vortex being created here, here on Earth through your hearts, and this vortex is being anchored by you, because you are here being Real Love on Earth. This vortex is the living heart that all of you are together and because of this, beloved ones, each of you is very important. Each of you must set your sights and set your resonance on the Real. The moment you do, I can promise that you will feel it.

It will begin as a feeling of joy, as if the clouds were suddenly parting and the sun coming into view. The your heart will feel the upliftment and you will recognize that every step you take is your choice, your vote for where the light flows, what it amplifies and what it shall create. I Am with you and I Am showing you how to do this – how by the power of your intention to lift the vibration, holding it carefully and gently, keeping it in safe keeping for humanity and stepping forth into the living Now Moment, becoming the conduit for the New World manifestation, and for this, My beautiful and precious ones – I deeply and powerfully thank you.