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Daily Inspiration and Affirmations to Help You Prosper

Below is one of my favourite sites for Daily
Prosperity Inspiration in a Spiritual way.
I have bookmarked this site since there is a new
message each day.

Pro$per Now!
Daily Inspiration and Affirmations to Help You Prosper


Do you have all the prosperity you really desire? Have you opened your mind wide enough to God's vast good for you? Are you allowing His rich treasure to manifest in your life? If not, why not?

Jesus said, It is your Father's good pleasure to GIVE you the kingdom. If that is true, and it is, why don't more people take Him at His word and accept ALL of the good God has for them? God's abundance is everywhere for every one. It is okay for you to accept a much larger share than you have claimed so far. Go ahead and do it!

Today's prospering affirmation: It is my Father's good pleasure to give me His treasure in marvelous measure!

Pls also see "Unexpected" Income Prosperity Program:
I have joined this abt 2 weeks back and Love it.
You guys should join too!!!