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When You Are Ready to Let Go of Everything


I really liked this writing...Really resonates with me.
Pls read below-

When You Are Ready to Let Go of Everything

In the west especially,
the mind is glorified.

positive thinking,
ability to succeed,
ability to debate,

all of these things
are glorified
as the ultimate.

So when many
approach meditation
or any other
spiritual practice,

it is done from
the identification
of the mind.

It is done from the
perception that
the ego, the individual identity
is the highest.

But meditation is about
experiencing life beyond the mind,
beyond the ego.

So if you hold on to the
mind and ego
as the ultimate;

If you hold on to
what you know is true
what you believe
to be you,
the self image
you constantly project,
and act out,
then you can never
experience life beyond this.

It is as though you are living
in an outhouse
with wheels.

And no matter how far
you travel in your porta-loo,
no matter where you go,
no matter what pretty colors
you paint it,
all you ever know is the outhouse.

And quite often,
it stinks,
it's small.
Not much room
to move around.

If you are brave,
every once in a while
you open the door a crack
and take a picture.

Then you make the picture the ultimate.
Hang it over your little blue sink
and believe now
you know what is outside.

But you can never know
what is outside
with a picture.

You have to be outside.
You have to make the commitment
in this moment
to observe this moment,
to experience this moment
without commentary,
without judgment
without what you know.

It is very simple
to close your eyes
and let go of everything
to let yourself fall
into the unknown
to lose yourself in silence,
in awareness,
in the complete dissolution
of who you think you are.

It is the subtle shift
from holding on to your thoughts
to observing your thoughts.

From being who you think you are
to simply being.

All of the tools
and techniques
are there to use
to help you open the door.

It is up to you!
to walk out of yourself
and enjoy the fresh air.


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