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This is the Time When Everything Changes.

CwG Weekly Bulletin #159: Do We Have a Chance?

Week of September 23, 2005

My dear friends,

This is it.

In case you haven't noticed, this is it.

This is the time we've been wondering about, the time we've been worried about, the time we've been told about.

This is the Time When Everything Changes.

Life as we have known it will no longer be. Actually, it stopped being "life as we have known it" a while ago. We just haven't noticed. Or haven't wanted to admit it.

Now, there's no NOT admitting it. There's no turning away from it. There's no closing our eyes, there's no shutting our ears, there's no walking away from it.

It's here. The Time has come.

It is the Time When Everything Changes.

These kinds of times have come before. Humans can usually feel them coming about twenty-five to thirty years before they arrive in full force. Like a dog who knows an earthquake is about to occur. We can tell. We can feel it in the air. That's why we start predicting them. Notice that it was about twenty-five or thirty years ago that we began hearing predictions regarding this present moment, and the moments to come. "The End Times are near," we were told. "The Time of the Tribulation is at hand," we've been warned.

These predictions and prognostications have increased in volume and frequency these last ten years, and particularly these last five.

Is this the End of the World? No. Is this The Retribution --- God's punishment, finally, for our failure to keep His Word? No. Then what, exactly, is going on here? Why is humanity being confronted by one extraordinary disaster, one breathtaking moment of sadness, after another? Why are we being subjected to such endless turmoil --- man-made and nature-made?

It is, actually, all man-made. That's why we can predict it. That's why we can feel it coming. Whether it's airplanes flying into buildings, or tsunamis smashing into shores, or bombs dropping onto cities, or hurricanes whipping ruthlessly across landscapes, all of it is man-made.

Even the so-called Acts of God are man-made. They have to be, if God and Man are One. Only if God and humans are separate from each other can we escape responsibility for what is occurring. And even those who believe that God and humans ARE separate from each other will tell you this is all our fault...

So what is happening here? What is going on? Increasingly, as these Moments of Misery are visited upon us, the Body Human will want to know --- what have we done wrong? Why is all this occurring?

It is now going to be up to us --- up to you and me --- to explain things to the others. You know that, don't you? Yes, of course you do. You understand perfectly. That is why you have come here to begin with. That is why you have placed yourself on the Earth at this extraordinary time. You have arrived during this tense and challenging period to help the others understand. You have brought yourself here to bring comfort and clarity to the suffering and the confused.

You are here to let everyone know that we are not at Fault, but we ARE at Cause. And that, of course, is our hope. If we were at Fault, there would BE no hope, because we would see all this as our Just Desserts, our Punishment. There would be nothing for us to do but face it, and go down with the ship. But if we are CAUSE in the matter of all that is occurring, well, then we can change things. We can right the ship. We can get back on course.

And we can. But first, we have to let the others understand what is happening, and why, so that they can play their role in bringing about The Change. Because the change, The Shift, is going to take the combined consciousness and all the energy of the Whole of Humanity, if we are to create it.

So the job ahead is not a small one.

That's why we brought you aboard. Your soul has not placed you here at this moment by accident. The Time of Change has come. Rita is just the latest manifestation of that. Now it's up to us. It's up to you and me. Where do we want to go from here? Where to, Humanity?

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about here. I'm sure you don't need to have any of this explained to you. But for the others, for those who do, next week's letter will pick up from here. In the meantime, be of warm heart and great hope. The world needs hope right now, and you are among those who will be its Source.

Do We Have a Chance?

“Oh, you have more than a chance, my son.

You, and all the children of God, have a happy destiny to fulfill.

And using the power and the wonder and the glory of all the gifts I have given you, you will fulfill it.

Only if you do not use that power,

only if you set aside the wonder of who you are and throw away my gifts,

can you fail.

It is going to be very difficult for you to do that.

I have made it very hard for you to fail.

For my gifts to you are so extraordinary as to render failure virtually impossible.

Just look at what you have done so far!

Against all odds, you brought yourselves into being,

and moved your species into consciousness.

Against all odds, you acquired sufficient understanding of the world around you

to produce truly extraordinary physical achievements.

Against all odds, you grew in self-awareness to the point

where you recognized that there was something greater

than the limited experience of you,

developing arts and culture, philosophy and spirituality

to express your expanded view of existence.

When you look around your Universe

(which you will soon have the technology to do much more effectively),

you will see that these are not small accomplishments.

Of all the life forms in existence, only a tiny minority has done it.

And look at your personal lives.

You have grown to become dynamic, productive, yet loving,

caring, compassionate beings,

deeply concerned with the feelings of others, deeply committed

to the betterment of all, and deeply determined

to courageously explore the edges of your knowledge,

that you might create an even brighter tomorrow.

Do you see the magnificence of that?

This is Who You Are, and it is only the beginning.

I tell you, you are capable of achievements and experiences

beyond your wildest dreams.

You are standing even now at the edge of a Golden Age,

the beginning of a Thousand Years of Peace,

which could lead to a grander glory for the human species

than your heart can now hold the knowing of.

This can be your gift to the future.

This can be your destiny.

You need but choose it.”

- The New Revelations, page 27

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