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Hello Gloria!

Dear Gloria,
I finally have my own personal computer so I am able to communicate from home, not only work, where I currently receive Heavenletters. I truly try and take a few minutes each day to center myself and let God's message influence the work I do. I have been using Heavenletters where appropriate with a variety of patients, and let God guide me when and where they are appropriate. It is truly amazing how the "right" letter presents itself for a given situation.
I'm amazed at how much Heavenletters has grown since I first met you in April of this year. It must be a beautiful, crazy ride.
Thanks for taking the time to do what you do. I feel truly honored to have met you.
I am not on my computer every day, but hope to be able to provide input to the message board.
Many blessings, my friend!
Lexie :D


Lexie, how wonderful to find you here on the community forum! Thank you so much for joining. I will look forward to reading posts from you, dear lady.

Sometimes you will find comments from Bernie here.

God bless you, Lexie, dear friend.

With love, Gloria