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Awakened by Nature

Dear friends, I want to share a letter to Gloria with all of you, and how Nature and a simple lifestyle made me change my up to then ego driven goal of material accomplishments for the future, where I'm giving all that to retur to South America and live in Nature and take it easy as God wants us to.

Dear Gloria,

Yes you did thank me, and even if you didn't I could pretty much sense it. I'll tell you why because I'm sure of it now, would you believe I introduced Renzo at just the right time, when I remember writing to you about Heaven letters in Spanish and whishing that my parents and others like them could begin to awaken their souls with the help of heaven letters, and feeling a little frustrated not being able to help you at the time, even though I have all that's needed to but going through a lot of changes at that point in everyway imaginable, trying to restructure my like after my enlightening first time in 15 years trip to a more simple place, but I also tried to find a solution for it and knowing that I could personally help later on, and for a moment a little glimpse or vision or intuition told me to let Renzo know because somehow he would be of help for that project, and now when I talk to him he tells me he's been translating them for you (and I never mentioned anything to him) , I felt relieved when he said that, like I accomplished what I'd intended. I don't want to call this coincidence since I know it wasn't, it's more like a spiritual syncronization of our souls for a beneficial purpose without personal material return, but instead focused on a lot of benefit in the form of joy, knowing you're helping directly or indirectly for a higher purpose.

I can't wait to be there by the ocean and also help Renzo translate your letters, in the meantime I choose to keep working here until Renzo says it's done, and it's all I need to hear, because I don't ever want to come back to this pace of life I've been living since I came to Chicago, I've been trying to see it as a learning and awakening experience, one that helped me achieve a future more centered life, where ego doesn't exist.

I think things are working out greatly for us because of the same reason your translator manifested so quickly. I also thought of my parents when doing this and seeing how they're killing themselves here as well, the only difference is that they're in their mid 50's, my dad works two jobs and my mom a very physically demanding one, cleaning houses, so the idea of me owning a small beach resort is not to get rich from it, but to create a self sufficient world where I control the pace not tv., Industry or the gov. and also provide my parent a stress free, loving retirement, where they don't have to waste energy thinking how to make the social security money last for 30 days.

The other reason I think the connection with Renzo is working strong is like the previous two. I grew up with this kid, I'm 32, he's 30. His dad had the fortune of being of good economical status, an entropenour, my dad was middle class, a banker, my mom a math teacher. My uncle never let money change his heart, he always saw ways of enjoying life and make others less fortunate he resonated with like my family be part of that joy. Renzo's dad has a beach house we spent every summer in (about 30 miles south of Lima); which is where we lived, anyhow my parents put up a little beach kiosk where they sold refreshments and food on the beach all summer long where we camped out on the sand without going back to the city for 3 months. Renzo and I hung out together, walking from his beach house to where I camped and forth (2 miles away), all we did was swim, surf, climb rocks, hills, islands, fish and is all we ever wanted to do, now I realize it is the energy of the ocean and nature we were feeling, the being at one with God; as you've mentioned in one of your letters how we should be like kids, and I've heard everywhere, Jesus said it, Aristotle in his letter to Alexander the Great.....well, so far our lives are in connection, as we grow up Renzo dad buys a farm home and seeing my dad was unemployed, offered him to work with him, and bought 10,000 egg laying hens, planted crops, built, etc. the place was paradise, and 15 minutes away from the beach house, so this was added to our joy repertoire, we started spending every weekend of the year there and summer at the beach, at the same time we had less city life in us, our souls were strong and well nurtured back then, as we get older, Renzo goes to Pennsylvania to a military school and I go to Chicago to finish up high school and work, thinking there was no future in a deteriorating 3rd world country economy as if it was economy or the stock or money what gave us so much joy in the first place, it was us and nature, the moment of joy we created. We still kept in touch, he came to Chicago a couple times to visit, we had fun, but not as intense as when we were kids. I now realize is the care free, stress free mind of a kid, not age nor anything material affected our perspective on fun and joy, we were adults now, with adult responsibilities to make money to live good, so we were told since kids, and believe to think it is the only way.

Now I'm 32 work as a designer and Renzo back home helps his dad run the family business. He was here a few years ago and we would always talk about those times as kids, when we acted goofy, and found joy and laughter in everything or turned everything into it, and realized now it is the material what fed our egos to belive it is the only way. I know it's not, I felt as good as when I was a kid in december when we went to the beach, I felt as if that's all I ever wanted to do from now on, and I came back home completely changed, my old ego goals were vanished, I just knew I had to go back and live near the ocean and away from all cities, that's why the idea of a beach resort was the most suitable one for the simple life I wanted to live, and I know that Renzo has to feel the same way for how I've always heard him talk, and how he would love to live in a tropical island, how free he felt when he went to an isolated beach in Ecuador for a month and lived a simple life, so our intentions became one and we're building our dreams together on this beach in northern Peru, 15 hr. drive from Lima, and in a laid back town, near the equator where it tropical all year round, a little town 30 minutes away and the airport is 1 hr. away, we want a peaceful enviroment more of a retreat from the city for people, to relax and enjoy nature.

It will be wonderful living in harmony with nature and God, I don't want to hear about war anymore, no news, just concentrate on evolving my soul and strenghtening my relationship with God away from the distraction of the mind and the noise of the city, just focus on the joy of the moment and the joy of those around.



Awakened by Nature

Dear Pedro,

This is such a wonderful thing you are doing, for you and your cousin, for Mother Earth and for the world.

You are doing what so many would like to do. You certainly have put in your time doing things the hard way, and now you are going to sail across the universe and bring so many with you. You have taken the leap.

I bless you and Renzo from the bottom of my heart.

This is very exciting. Please keep us posted on all further developments, will you?

With love and blessings,